In the California fires burned fabergГ© eggs

In the California fires burned fabergГ© eggsAmong California residents whose homes have been damaged or are under threat, many Hollywood stars. The territory from the city of San Diego, located near the border with Mexico, to Los Angeles is also on fire.One of the buildings that burned down in Malibu, became famous structure of the Castle Kashan - stylized medieval castle Villa with towers and arched Windows, reports owner of the burnt castle was Lilly Lawrence is the daughter of a former Minister of petroleum industry of Iran. "Princess Lilly" as he called Lawrence in Hollywood the secular parties, going to sell my gorgeous home for $ 17 million. With him burned a collection of paintings, fabergГ© eggs, a collection of personal belongings of Elvis Presley and other valuables that belonged to Lilly Lawrence.Wednesday, October 24, Lawrence suddenly appeared at the ruins of the manor in his Bathrobe, Slippers and sunglasses, to personally see what was left of her home. Hollywood beauty Lilly is known for her charity work. Speaking to reporters, she stressed that more than the loss of his own castle, she is worried about the fate of U.S. Читать полностью -->

The son of Natalia Durova afraid to inherit millions of mothers

The son of Natalia Durova afraid to inherit millions of mothersThe only heir to a million Natalia Durova, her son Michael Bolduman, ready to give bequeathed to him by his mother treasures her uncle. Michael is sure that his family is unhappy with the last will of the great actress and will probably try to take his property.That multi-million dollar fortune mother got him, Michael found out shortly after her death. First reaction was the heir to sell the value to get rid of any reminders of my mother. "Your DAY" already wrote about the conflict of Michael with his mother: he was never able to forgive that on the first place in her life was not a child, and work.25 years ago Bolduman left home and stopped communication with my family. Despite this, the mother made a will in favour of her only son.InheritanceGreat trainer left his son the sum of six zeros on the personal account, chic two-bedroom apartment on Tverskaya and heirlooms, among which a special place is a unique set with blue diamonds. However, Michael refused maternal generosity just defiantly, as many years ago gave up the famous name. Читать полностью -->

First sexual experience famous men

First sexual experience famous men In Hollywood released a new exciting book "Where do nudists keep their handkerchiefs?" author Mitchell Simons.We will be talking in particular about when famous men have lost their innocence... it Turns out that many of them were terribly young when you first sexual experience.So, Hollywood sure Clint Eastwood, who this year celebrates 78 years old, and claims that he parted with innocence while visiting a neighbor at the age of 14.At the same age, according to the book of Simons, lost my virginity and actor David Duchovny.And a favorite of women and the ex-husband of demi Moore, Bruce Willis...He said that it happened when he worked as a messenger at the Holiday Inn...And his first girlfriend was a beautiful girl from the Laundry of the hotel.And sir Sean Connery lost virginity at 8 years old, really can not remember who...However, this is still not a record.Legendary comedian Richard prior, now deceased, by his own admission, seduced seven year old girl, when Richard himself was... five years ! Subsequently, he was married seven times to five different women... Probably these figures are for the comedian fatal.Actor river Phoenix tormented by depression and a drug problem... And all because he hinted in an interview that as a child they are "sexually abused"... His parents belonged to a religious cult "Children of God", and he had to enter into a sexual relationship in a shocking early age in 4 years!And one of the sexiest actors of our time, Matthew McConaughey, who "unleashed" at the age of 15 years, seem to be just innocent babies and belated virgins ! Source: First sexual experience famous men (photo). Читать полностью -->

Pugachev collects other people's awards

Pugachev collects other people's awardsAt the award ceremony Glamour Alla came to receive the award for her daughter Cristina. She won the award for "Actress of the year" for his role in the movie "Love-carrot".Presented the award Ekaterina and Aleksandr Strizhenov. Last cheerfully confessed his love to Christine, who became the star of his "Love-carrot", in spite of a jealous hiss of his wife. Catherine, by the way, wore a very daring dress that bared her back, unexpectedly is "decorated" with bra straps.That evening Alla Borisovna was courtesy itself. Initially all photographers warned that the Diva didn't take any pictures. But how can we forget about the ban when a great-looking Pugachev in a short dress floated in the hall and not expresses protest the paparazzi?And it came exactly when for photographers posed the singer Glory. Читать полностью -->

Zavorotnyuk will show your character

Zavorotnyuk will show your characterActor Sergey Zhigunov, shot to fame as one of the brave cadets from the movie "midshipmen, forward!" told that soon plans to make a new part of the picture."By the summer starts digging melodrama "Vow of silence". And next year - "Cadets". - told the Zhigunov the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". - Twenty years later. Vova (Vladimir Shevel'kov played Prince Oleneva) agreed, now I have Dima (Dmitry Kharatyan) to decide.". . Читать полностью -->

Family life of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes at gunpoint

Family life of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes at gunpoint The life of actor Tom cruise and his wife actress Katie Holmes goes under the gun cameras.However, it seems that natolive the paparazzi and tabloids, they constantly discuss a couple of does not affect the personal relationships of the actors. Source: the Family life of Tom cruise and Katie Holmes at gunpoint (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms

Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms On the night of 1 November in the Old and New light, is traditionally celebrated mysterious Halloween. How and in what outfits Hollywood stars meet him, according to ABC News.Costume charity party at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, organized by Kate Hudson, attracted many stars. Proceeds from the traditional carnival funds will go to the Foundation for children with AIDS.Famous socialite Paris Hilton wore outfits girls, the heroine of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". On 27 October she was wearing a super-short skirt and white stockings with garters. However, later Hilton changed the way Alice on the form of a sailor, because he went to another party. However, suit the conqueror of the seas was no less sexy.Adrian Grenier looked clearly more modest and resembled himself in a TV series Comedy HBO "entourage". Читать полностью -->

Zemfira has canceled concerts across the country

Zemfira has canceled concerts across the countryFans of the singer Zemfira in shock. Rock diva cancels concerts across the country. But where it stands, does not get tired to make trouble.From the list of her tour have already been removed Khabarovsk, Perm, Belgorod, moved Voronezh... In such cases you can actually talk about the failure of the concert tour and consequently, failure of the new hype around the album Zemfira "Thank you." Was unsuccessful and the sale of the album via the mobile connection: the pirates much more successfully implement "his" album Sami, adding back a couple of past hits. Among the reasons for the massive failure called Zemfira the poor state of her health, despite claims to the contrary of the culprits of the scandal. Source: Zemfira canceled concerts across the country. Читать полностью -->

The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitches

The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitchesThe world Boxing champion in the Middleweight (up to 72.6 kg) Kelly Pavlik suffered multiple lacerations of both hands when repairing a window in his kitchen. The athlete has left 108 stitches, but the damage does not threaten his career.Manager Pavlik Cameron Dunkin said that the ligaments and blood vessels of the hands of a boxer not hurt, reports the American television channel ESPN.According to dancina, the sutures are removed after two or three weeks, and in early December, Pavlik will be able to start training. Manager boxer said that the world champion wanted to replace the old glass in the kitchen, although Dunkin believes that the athlete would be easier to buy a new home.American Kelly Pavlik is the world champion at Middleweight by the WBC (world Boxing Council) and WBO (world Boxing organization). Both of these titles he took from his compatriot Jermain Taylor in their recent fight on September 29.16 February 2008, the boxers will have a rematch, but it will take place outside the framework of a particular weight class, so Pavlik will in any case retain their titles. Weight athletes should not exceed 75.3 kg. Source: world Boxing Champion put the 108 stitches. Читать полностью -->

Villainous plans Zhanna Friske sexy

Villainous plans Zhanna Friske sexyIt has become a tradition before the New year to reveal the main secrets of Christmas TV shows. Here and now, when before the holiday is 10 days, the audience can learn almost everything about new year telemen.So, on the First channel will appear sexy villainess Zhanna Friske. Together with a colleague villain Dmitry Nagiyev heroine Jeanne will try to disrupt the festivities.The plans of the negative characters included the kidnapping of a famous Italian film Director, played Garik Kharlamov. However, the fate of the unfortunate Italian nobody isn't going to throw. To help him come to Artem Mikhalkov, Sergey Lazarev and Edgar Zapashny.All this will be accompanied by music from the music of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite and other stars of the national stage.Here for the spectator too will be a few interesting surprises: Sofia Rotaru will perform a song about the deer in the well is quite peculiar to the singer of the format, and Maxim Galkin can say about the smash-hit group "Silver".On the channel "Russia" will be a lot of interesting things, but the most important event, perhaps, will be the musical film "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors". This year's project involves all of the brightest stars show business. Читать полностью -->

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