General family budget Pugacheva and Galkin

General family budget Pugacheva and GalkinIn recent years, Alla Pugacheva was called the most influential and richest woman in the Russian show business.For example, Forbes magazine claimed that the condition of the singer approaching $100 million.Analysts of this esteemed publication believe that Alla Pugacheva has earned this year about four million dollars.And her longtime favorite Maxim Galkin over the same period funded your wallet worth more modest 2.9 million "green".However, as we found out, its state Alla recently got pretty wasted. And Galkin has long been "feathered" and earns significantly more mentor. In a dance coterie to have formed the opinion that Galkin lives by Pugacheva. Supposedly, Donna helps her favorite and helpful tips, and Finance. But it was not so.We already wrote about that a year ago, Maxim moved to an apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation alley. A couple who claimed that between them only a strong friendship, now don't hide their close relationship.- I am 60 and he was 30 - and nothing! - talking about your Alliance with the parodist singer.As the star Duo have barely parted, Maxim and Alla are now common family budget. Читать полностью -->

Announced the winners of the awards screen actors Guild USA

Announced the winners of the awards screen actors Guild USAIn Los Angeles on Sunday night (Monday morning Moscow time) took place solemn ceremony of delivery of awards screen actors Guild USA.The award for best supporting actor was awarded to Javier Bardem, who played in the movie by the Coen brothers "no country for Old men." In the same category were presented to: Casey Affleck (the coward Robert Ford killed Jesse James"), Hal Holbrook ("wild"), Tommy Lee Jones (no country for Old men") and Tom Wilkinson ("Michael Clayton").The award in the category "Best supporting actress" got ruby Dee (Ruby Dee), who played in the movie "Gangster". Also in the category were nominated: cate Blanchett ("I'm not here"), Catherine keener (Catherine Keener) ("To the wild"), Amy Ryan ("goodbye, baby, goodbye") and Tilda Swinton ("Michael Clayton").The award for best ensemble cast in a Comedy television series presented "the Office" ("The Office"). Best acting ensemble in a drama series screen actors Guild of the United States recognized the people who starred in "the Sopranos" ("The Sopranos").The best performer of female roles named Julie Christie in the film "Away from her". This award also claimed: cate Blanchett ("Elizabeth: the Golden age"), Angelina Jolie ("Her heart"), Marion Cotillard ("Life in pink light") and Ellen page ("Juno").Award screen actors Guild for best actor went to Daniel day-Lewis for "Oil" ("There will be blood"). In the category were also presented: George Clooney ("Michael Clayton"), Ryan Gosling (through arrangement with Gosling Ryan) ("Lars and the real girl"), Emile Hirsch (Emile Hirsch) ("wild") and Viggo Mortensen ("a Prophet for export").Awards for best ensemble cast award for the film "the Old place". Other contenders were: "Train to Yuma" (3:10 to Yuma), "Gangster", "Hairspray" and "the wild".In 2008, for the first time were presented with awards screen actors Guild for best stunt work. Читать полностью -->

Pugachev kicked Galkin for disobedience

Pugachev kicked Galkin for disobedienceAlla Borisovna and her favorite Maxim Galkin is seriously at odds due to the fact that the humorist disobeyed diva, informs "Your day".The singer categorically forbade her favorite to go to the casino and received an unexpected rebuff. "I'm a grown man! allegedly lost his temper Galkin. - And you can then decide where I stand!" In the end, the comedian even took some of my things from the apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation lane to yourself, in Cheremushki.Alla Borisovna, which personally is "hoisted" favorite gambling, she is not happy to those consequences which resulted from gambling. Maxim spent in the casino all your free time and due to the lack of Finance threw the repair of a new apartment and country house.Galkin moved to live in the house on the Arbat to Alla Pugacheva back in June of this year. Then the comedian moved into the house of the singer all her clothes, books and even a computer. Since then he has visited in the parental apartment in New Cheryomushki no more than once a month, only to pick up a stage wardrobe.Recently after a concert in the Kremlin, dedicated to the Day of police, upon learning that Galkin intends to go to sit for half an hour in the casino", Pugachev exploded: "I Know these are your "half an hour"! Five hours sit. Читать полностью -->

Famous model publicly insulted Kandelaki

Famous model publicly insulted KandelakiTina Kandelaki is a very confident woman. It's no secret that the presenter considers itself to be almost an icon of beauty and style. However, there are those who are willing in this to Tina not to agree.So, pretentious social event Tina on stage asked one of the known models: "It is true that photoshop is very good?" Hall was delighted, but the model did not panic and responded with a sneer, write "Arguments and facts"."Looking at you, Tina, I really do know what photoshop is good," the girl said.However, Tina Kandelaki to public ridicule and offensive remarks in his long career as a TV presenter and socialite accustomed. Especially a lot of negativity on Kandelaki collapsed after the notorious scandal involving tycoon Suleiman Kerimov. Recall, he crashed his Ferrari Enzo in nice, and his companion, if you believe the rumors, was Tina."So that I could be so scandalous did? - perplexed Kandelaki. - If your neighbor on long walks a man, then it is not a scandal - it's OK! But if this neighbor was known, it would be very scandalous and shameful. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev traded wife cute blond

Leontiev traded wife cute blondFamous singer for ten years has not parted with composer Vladimir Evserver.At all events backstage Valery Leontiev modestly accompanies low cute blond.Not everyone knows that this talented composer Vladimir Iserov, for Valery wrote more than three dozen hits, including music masterpieces "If you leave...", "Everybody wants to love", "my Berry".A close friendship, Valery and Vladimir lasts for nearly ten years. Figures show business know how important it is for the singer to find a composer who feels every bit of its soul. In tandem Leontiev-Iserov creative fusion seems to have taken place.Valery is a very warm-hearted man, - admitted "EG" Vladimir. - When I celebrated the 50th anniversary, Valery, despite his huge workload, gave me the whole evening... I could just walk to his cottage in the suburban Valentinovka, taking with him my beloved "daughter" - the Italian Greyhound Lisa.Many times, flying in the USA, Leont'ev called me out to a Villa in Miami. And, you know, the flights and everything else at his expense. Читать полностью -->

Khamatova and Kostomarov appeared together at a party

Khamatova and Kostomarov appeared together at a partyFamous actress appeared at the ceremony of awarding the prize to one of the glossy magazines under a pen with a partner on the show "Ice age" is a figure skater Roman Kostomarov.Apparently, they lack the many hours of training and they decided to spend a free evening.Once in the lobby, SC "Luzhniki", Chulpan novel and greeted friends and went backstage, where he locked himself in the dressing room. There were only a couple shortly before the official part of the event.About the close relations between the participants of the popular show to speak while it is premature, but what Khamatova and Kostomarov sympathetic to each other, no doubt. Even those who are present at training sessions, notice how the actress flirts with a figure skater. That, actually, and she continued to do the ceremony, but not for the people, and behind the scenes.Roman is a great guy and we get along great, " explained the actress.Another unexpected pair formed the ceremony. Ivan Urgant came to a social event in the company of former colleagues at MTV Olga Shelest. They sat all night next, then, provoking conversations, together left the ceremony.SobchakTireless She coped with its task - to attract to the person's maximum attention. Читать полностью -->

In the U.S., the writer of `pulp fiction` accused of murder

In the U.S., the writer of `pulp fiction` accused of murderIn the United States, the police arrested on suspicion of the murder of a famous writer, Oscar winner and author of the story for the acclaimed Quentin Tarantino's "pulp fiction.". . . . . . Читать полностью -->