The state of Vasily Aksenov has deteriorated

The state of Vasily Aksenov has deterioratedDoctors assess the condition of the writer Vasily Aksenov, who is in intensive care research Institute.Sklifosovsky after stroke is particularly serious, reports "Interfax"."After the week before surgery, her condition was serious but stable, however, at present it can be described as extremely difficult," - said a source in medical circles of the capital.He noted that doctors make every effort to stabilize the vital signs Aksenova, but do not give any forecasts. Meanwhile, last week it was reported that the famous writer had seen positive changes. He began to breathe independently, and he was taken off the respirator.However, repeat CT scan showed that because the stroke occurred extensive brain damage, which continues to grow. Health writer complicated by other diseases - Aksenov suffer from diabetes, he has heart problems (pacemaker supports it), started to have problems with his lungs and kidneys.Recall that Feldman was admitted to hospital on 15 January in the hospital room 23 after the stroke, which occurred when the writer was at the wheel of his car. A day after hospitalization Aksenov was transferred to the research Institute. Sklifosovsky, where he had surgery to remove a blood clot of the carotid artery. Читать полностью -->

Kira Muratova is preparing a Christmas story

Kira Muratova is preparing a Christmas storyKira Muratova started to shoot a new film called "melody for a street organ", which the Director describes as "a Christmas story or a Christmas story", "quality drama".The shooting was reported in the press release of the project, will be held in Odessa and Kiev, its release is scheduled for 2008.The film employed Renata Litvinova, Oleg Tabakov, Natalia the bug, Nina Ruslanova, George Deliev, and two actors-child: Olena Kosyuk and Roman Burlaka. Operator Kira Muratova chose Vladimir Pankov, who shot for her "Asthenic syndrome" and "Two in one". The music for the film composer Valentin Silvestrov, who has previously worked with Muratova in pictures "Chekhovian motives" and "Nastoyshi".The script "Melody for barrel-organ" written Muratova in collaboration with the Kiev playwright Vladimir Zuyev. The Director says that "no puzzling psychological or formal frills is not incorporated in this scenario. Well, except that one is a fun mystery of human nature - the mystery of the needs of the game.". . Читать полностью -->

Gays will put a monument to David Beckham

Gays will put a monument to David BeckhamRepresentatives of sexual minorities in London are going to install the statues of two of his longtime idols - David Beckham and Kylie Minogue.The gay community in the British capital has applied for a building in London bronze monuments famous footballer and not less famous singer.A source told the Daily Star about the statue of Beckham: "We plan to create a statue of David in life-size in bronze. The projects represent him, of course, in football uniform, focused and very sexy.". . . . . Читать полностью -->

Valery Dragilev died without regaining consciousness

Valery Dragilev died without regaining consciousnessWrecked the correspondent of the Northwest branch of NTV Valery Dragilev died in hospital without regaining consciousness, according to Фонтанка.Ru.We will remind, on November 3 in the Leningrad region brigade NTV moved from one gas station where there was a queue, on the other, were in the car and people were not wearing their seatbelts. Car TV after overtaking concrete left on a strip of oncoming traffic where faced the car VAZ.Valery Dragilev, who was in the front passenger seat of the car, from the kick went through the side window and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. The driver broke his arm, the operator has not actually suffered.The next morning Dragilev had the surgery. As the correspondent could not be transported, Lodeinoe pole ambulance arrived with the neurosurgeons. The operation lasted several hours. For a while the journalist's health has stabilized, and even transported to a regional hospital. Читать полностью -->

Partner Yagudin: Lesha pussy in bed

Partner Yagudin: Lesha pussy in bedAfter two years of living together with Olympic champion figure skater Anastasia Gorshkova has made a sensational recognition - athlete for all these years... didn't satisfy her in bed.Sexual inadequacy Yagudin was one of the reasons for the separation of lovers.- Lesha very far from supersonica! - said the girl Yagudin. - Unfortunately, in bed, he is not as good as on the ice.The girl had to do incredible to ignite the passion in your lover.- Alex constantly on the move and at performances, " says Anastasia. - Regular sex we never had. And when at last it came to the bed, all desire was gone. Lesha, emotional and passionate on the ice, in bed not so good... Читать полностью -->

Jennifer aniston has opened a new love page

Jennifer aniston has opened a new love pageThe ex-wife of the famous actor brad pitt Jennifer aniston seems to have found herself a new Beau. After the divorce, the actress met with a colleague Vince Vaughn, then with model Paul Scalfaro, but nothing serious, these novels do not end.However, Vince Vaughn is still in the interview suggests that aniston helped him to become famous. According to the actor, stepping into the light with such a woman, involuntarily and he falls into a General field of view.Say, relationship with Jennifer Paul also went wrong because of excessive fame aniston. Young man if he had not wanted to be in her shadow.And now the actress is credited with having an affair with colleague Jason Lewis. The guy became famous for having played the "magnificent" Smith in the cult series "Sex and the city".Jen and Jason met back in April at a party, according to "Sky News". But then there is no relationship between the two ensued. Читать полностью -->

Zhenya Malakhova pasted rhinestone machine

Zhenya Malakhova pasted rhinestone machineSoloist of the popular group Reflex Zhenya Malakhova on the eve of the Christmas holidays I decided to make a precious gift - the girl cheated on the interior of the car, making the main element of the new design Swarovski rhinestones.Luxury jeep Lexus brand singer for two years carries a personal driver, but still in such a spacious car fragile Zhenya didn't feel comfortable. Now Malakhov every day sees "the sky with diamonds" in almost the truest sense of the word. For starters, Jack decided to give the interior a high glamour, as it is in this atmosphere she feels most comfortable.Malakhov agreed with one of the Moscow motor show, which agreed to fulfill all her requests and even gave my Wife a discount as a popular singer. Now in the cabin ceiling of her car, the rear view mirror and upholstery inlaid with rhinestones, while the gear shift knob is inserted gems. In addition, she ordered the car new musical equipment and a navigation system with the function of warning about traffic jams that will allow her not to lose them in due time. Now Malakhov can not only listen to music in the car good quality, but also reduce the time when moving around the town.Tuning star car is worth more than five thousand dollars with the discounts provided. Читать полностью -->

The group Destiny's Child also thinking about the reunion

The group Destiny's Child also thinking about the reunionThe success of the reunited group Spice Girls was inspired by a similar move another former "maiden" group - Destiny's Child.One of the participants of the trio - Kelly Rowland admitted that she and her colleague Beyonce Noles also thinking about the reunion, looking at the success of the Spice Girls, according to Yahoo.Music."All this series of reunions led us to thoughts. Despite what people say, we are still very close. A few weeks ago, Beyonce was performing in Los Angeles and asked me and Michelle William (a third party) to sing with her on stage, the single Survivor. Fans screamed and went crazy. I would love to do it again," added Rowland.Rowland says she and Noles will discuss the future of the group for Christmas dinner. "As always, Beyonce and I get to spend Christmas together. Читать полностью -->

Stepanenko began his career with roles of harlots

Stepanenko began his career with roles of harlotsDespite the fact that Elena Stepanenko remains one of the most exciting and popular representatives of the Patriotic comic shop, personal life, she's been keeping. In a rare interview refuses to talk about their men.Of course, in addition to current spouse Yevgeny Petrosyan. Only a year ago our colleagues from "Komsomolskaya Pravda" found the first husband of Elena Grigorievna-pianist Alexander Vasiliev. The special correspondent of "Express newspaper" has decided to go further and went home umoristi-in Volgograd.Childhood and adolescence Lena held in the village of Angarsk, which is now part of one of the districts of Volgograd. Brick house with two owners on the street breeds de sales favorably with many neighbouring. Still! After all, the expectant father umoristi had thieves in those days a profession chef in the restaurant, and her mother was a fashionable hairdresser.Money in the family were found, but the parents did not spoil Lena expensive outfits.- The dresses she had simple shoes - modest, - says Galina Sitnikova, classmate Stepanenko. Читать полностью -->

Kim Kardashian `Playboy` cooler than home made porn

Kim Kardashian `Playboy` cooler than home made porn American socialite, girlfriend Paris Hilton and the daughter of the famous lawyer, Kim Kardashian got naked for the December issue of "Playboy", writes today Hollyscoop.While Kim was known only as an avid Hollywood socialite and the main character in their own homemade porn, walked in last year on the Internet. Now the charms of beauty, an Armenian by origin, will be able to assess not only Amateur hot video, but readers of popular men's magazine. Meanwhile, Kimberly herself told one of the American publications that she does "not like" and is going to struggle with the prevailing stereotype of the glamorous Queen of parties. The output of the girl found quite in the spirit of his girlfriend Peris - she also decided to participate in a reality show. But unlike the heiress to a hotel Empire, starring in the show "the Simple life" about the adventures of high-society ladies in the American heartland, Kim Kardashian will show the whole country the lives of his own family. Reality show "keep up with the Kardashians" ("Keeping Up With The Kardashians") were launched on channel E! October 14.Well, we are not able (fortunately or unfortunately...) to observe the UPS and downs of the turbulent life of a cute little family the Kardashians, but we can now enjoy an erotic photo shoot Kim for the magazine "Playboy". Читать полностью -->

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