The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapse

The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapseOlga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov always been one of the most visible couples reality show "Dom-2". And now, after a few years relations Union beautiful blondes from St. Petersburg and lively guy from Taganrog on the verge of collapse.Cooling between the lovers began in August last year. Then the novel gone with the telestroyki indefinitely due to family circumstances. Earlier this year the guy was going to reunite with Buzova in the "House-2", but I think I changed my mind.According to Olga, the separation had a negative impact on their feelings. Roma even refused to meet with his beloved New year, and on vacation in Thailand the girl had to go with my sister.They say the Novel has a girl outside the project, so he sees no more sense to return to the "House-2". Читать полностью -->

Died in USA jazz singer Teresa brewer

Died in USA jazz singer Teresa brewerFamous jazz singer Teresa brewer, who led the American charts in the 1950s, with a hit Till I Waltz Again with You " and performed with such legendary performers as Duke Ellington and count Basie, died Wednesday at the age of 76.Brewer died at his home in upstate new York from neuromuscular disease, reports AP.The height of his musical and film career brewer came in the 50-ies, however, her public life she successfully combined with family, raised and brought up four daughters. 10 years later, she again appeared on the scene, performing with such jazz stars as Duke Ellington, dizzy Gillepsie and Wynton Marsalis.The repertoire brewer had more than 40 songs, which topped the American charts. Among them Dancin` with Someone, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, Ricochet and Let Me Go Lover. Over the decades of his career, the singer has performed on television with the musician and entertainer Mel Torme, singing with Tony Bennett, and led several television programs, including "the ed Sullivan Show".Teresa brewer was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1931. On first listening to the mother brought Theresa, when she was only two years. The girl appeared on the radio show Uncle August's Kiddie Show. Читать полностью -->

Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audience

Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audienceGala concert-show "Ice age" held in St. Petersburg, surprised spectators. Ice suddenly appeared a bearded Alla Pugacheva on skates.Diva portrayed Mikhail Galustyan, but this time his crown room "Alla Pugacheva", which enjoyed great popularity among the audience, was even more funny.In the TV version the Galustyan shaved off my mustache and chin slipped Foundation, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". But now mustache and beard had grown out, so Galustyan took to the ice in the form of a bearded Pugacheva. However, the similarity with Pugacheva left, and the audience of such a spectacle, was excited.Upon entering the dressing room after the performance, happy Galustyan told colleagues: "get Away from me, mediocrity!". . Читать полностью -->

Fin pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husband

Fin pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husbandThe ice show rehearsals almost embarrassed Tatiana Navka. Skater summed weak band at training pants. During the execution of one of the elements partner Ville haapsalo too strongly pulled her by the trousers, and sweatpants are literally slid from my hips Tatiana.At the last second Navka still managed to keep on my pants, but the black lace panties were exposed.Tanya is first and foremost a professional. It was more concerned that the Villa is not how you should perform a number, and not the fact that he made a mini-Striptease on the ice. "Well me and you got shot." - indignant skater after Villa incorrectly unwound her legs and fragile Navka struggled to hit his shoulder on the ice. Source: Finn pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husband. Читать полностью -->

Anna Semenovich get married as soon as I find a groom

Anna Semenovich get married as soon as I find a groomEx-soloist of the group "Brilliant" Anna Semenovich should soon get married, if you believe in omens, which caught the Bridal bouquet girl's getting married next.Anna Semenovich caught the Bridal bouquet at the wedding of Vadim galygina with his wife, which took place in the framework of the award "Marriage 2007" held in Moscow on 10 December. Family galygina won in the nomination "the Wedding of the year". Immediately it became clear that Vadim and Dora were married in Minsk, and in Russia of marriage, they did not enter. Presenters Tatyana Lazareva and Mikhail Shats was called on the scene of a specialist Kutuzovsky registry office and put a sling witnesses, solemnly announced the marriage galygina in Moscow.And after the bride and groom answered "Yes" to all questions, Tatyana Lazareva offered to arrange the traditional throwing of the bouquet into the crowd of brides. Here Anna Semenovich, who won the title of "Bride of the year" and was nearby. Without hesitating, she famously jumped a bunch and caught him.Leaving the event, Anya met in the wardrobe with the Registrar's office employee. Читать полностью -->

Hilary swank paid hair

Hilary swank paid hairOn live television the star of the movie "million dollar Baby$", winner of two awards "Oska" Hilary swank lost their hair that's been growing six months.33-year-old Hilary has allowed the famous show diva Oprah Winfrey to pick up the scissors and cut 23 cm brown curls. Hair swank will go to wigs for women with cancer and bald after chemotherapy. This charity event organized by one of the companies manufacturing hairdressing tools.By the way, before filming the movie "Boys don't cry", for which swank got her first Oscar, she cropped boyish. Then the Hollywood star took a lot of vitamins and especially took care of their hair. Source: Hilary swank paid hair. . Читать полностью -->

The Basques will not qualify for millions in-law

The Basques will not qualify for millions in-law31-year-old Nicholas going through the divorce with his wife Svetlana, made a statement: he's not going to claim millions of his father Boris Spiegel.- I want only one thing: to be left alone, " admitted Basque."I don't need a penny from this family. I experience severe psychological trauma, and in this situation I least want to communicate with people that I considered my family. Maybe with time, when a wound heals, I'll be able to maintain a relationship. And now... Now I want only peace. Lawyers who do divorce, you know my position - I do not claim anything.By the way, if anyone thinks that after the divorce, the Basques will become a millionaire, they are wrong. Читать полностью -->

The published list of lovers lady Di

The published list of lovers lady DiIn the Supreme court of London resumes hearing the case of the death of Princess Diana and her lover Dodi Fayed in a crash in Paris's Alma tunnel on 31 August 1997.On the eve before the jury gave testimony private Secretary to Diana, Michael Gibbins. The representative of the initiator of the hearing and the father of Dodi Mohamed Fayed Michael Mansfield read a list of four people who are supposed to be the lovers of the Princess, and asked the Gibbins about the attitude of the Royal family to the loving relations of lady Di."I don't know how the Royal family treated it, but I can assume that is clearly without special approval," said Gibbins.According to The Sun, among the lovers of Princess Diana Mansfield ranked: retired major English cavalry James Hewitt, the Rugby player will Carling, Manager of public relations James Gilby and Royal bodyguard Barry Manneke, who crashed his motorcycle in 1987. Source: the Published list of lovers lady Di. . . . Читать полностью -->

Sobchak regrets enamored of her Solovyov

Sobchak regrets enamored of her SolovyovIn response to a public rejection of Vladimir Solovyov to be with her in the same room Ksenia Sobchak suggested that the presenter simply... a burning desire to possess it!A big scandal broke out on the filming of the Christmas program of the First channel "Big difference".Host of the talk show "To the barrier!" Vladimir Solovyov, learning that is present in the pavilion Ksenia Sobchak, turned around and went away from there."I'm not going to be around THIS on one set," he threw the phrase administrators presenter.For the New year Alexander Tsekalo and Ivan Urgant, spectators surprise called "Big difference". The essence of the show is that a group of actors shows parodies of popular TV shows, the protagonists of which sit in a room and react to what is happening. For positive emotions celebrities receive a prize "the gold tomaska".ScandalAs it turned out, even Comedy shows may result in scandal if Ksenia Sobchak. Administrators of the program had great difficulty to persuade to participate in the project lead program "To the barrier!" Vladimir Solovyov. But, appearing on the threshold of the shooting pavilion, he immediately left it.Most of all, this behavior angered the other guest of the show - Tatyana Thick:In one TV suits them to appear, and on one set right? Where do they agree?I think they will suit the Golden hall of the Kremlin or Red square, - parried Ivan Urgant.SolovyovVladimir is known for its harsh attacks towards Xenia. Читать полностью -->

The body of Paris Hilton couldn't cope with Russian vodka

The body of Paris Hilton couldn't cope with Russian vodkaVisit the famous Hollywood troublemakers Paris Hilton in Moscow was short but intense, the newspaper "Your day" .After completing their mission, and, as you know, Hilton was invited to the show of a young designer Kira Plastinina, the blonde headed to the restaurant "Turandot". There it was waited at dinner, 14-year-old Kira, her wealthy parents, who, they say, paid Paris per visit $ 2 million, Andrey Malakhov, actors Pavel Derevyanko, Yuri Kolokolnikov and Ivan Nikolaev, the former wife of Vladimir Presnyakov Lena Lenskaya. The socialite appeared in front of guests in a dress donated by Plastinina.From the menu, chose American favorite seafood. Also the waiters brought to the table celebrity bowls of caviar. "Sandwiches it is imperative to drink vodka" - taught Hilton Russians. The girl was rude to refuse hospitable Russians, and she gladly tasted caviar and "white". Читать полностью -->

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