Paparazzi brought Pugachev fainting

Paparazzi brought Pugachev faintingThe prima Donna of the Russian stage Alla Borisovna Pugacheva recently became ill. Happened backstage at the concert "Disco 80's". The cause of sickness of the singer became the paparazzi.Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontiev that evening were the most anticipated stars behind the scenes, despite the fact that the "Olympic" literally Kisil Western celebrities of the era of the 80s. this year on stage "Disco 80th" first came Kim Wilde and Demis Roussos, Gloria Gaynor and Gilla, Den Harrow and Belle Epoque, the Dutch Duo Maywood and group Matia Bazar, Trans-X. the Audience saw performances of the past "Discos" - the legendary Ricchi e Poveri and Bad Boys Blue. Some Western artists of the universal revival of the press was only called Demis Roussos, who could barely walk through the corridors of the sports complex. Читать полностью -->

Maria Sharapova named the disappointment of 2007

Maria Sharapova named the disappointment of 2007Russian Maria Sharapova has become a major disappointment in 2007 by the authoritative American magazine Tennis, reports AP. Sharapova finished the season in fifth place in a rating of Female tennis Association (WTA).Best players passing year called the Swiss Roger Federer and Belgian Justine Henin."Roger has a truly deadly flow, and this is his real weapon," said the legendary Pete Sampras.Best men's match of 2007 was the final of Wimbledon, where he met Federer and Spaniard Rafael Nadal. Match 2007 became women's final match at the final tournament in Madrid between Henin and Sharapova.Serb Novak Djokovic, the third racket of the world, was named the most progressive player in the Association of tennis professionals (ATP). Source: Maria Sharapova named the disappointment of 2007. . . Читать полностью -->

The psychologist determines the generosity of the stars on the facial expressions

The psychologist determines the generosity of the stars on the facial expressionsAmerican psychologist, based on the ancient Chinese technique of reading in the face, told me what people give away for the holidays the generous gifts and analyzed using this method Hollywood celebrities, according to on facial expressions Erik Kanto, author of a new book called "Your face tells everything about you", explains: "the ancient Chinese people were able to read people. They could, looking at the person's face, to talk about his past, present and future, about his character, creativity, and whether he is successful or not. In China so far this is and American psychologists interested in this".Experts in reading persons say that the best gifts are usually presented to women who have big eyes and men with a big nose."If you look at Hollywood celebrities," says Kanto, then George Clooney is a strong, expressive nose and smooth face. Such people often reach a deal and are generous."Nose Reese Witherspoon says that she likes to give generous gifts to their loved ones. She has a broad, nice smile, which means she has a pleasant character. But although her face is a lot of sweetness, you can argue that she is a strong person. Читать полностью -->

Britney Spears was allowed to sleep with children

Britney Spears was allowed to sleep with childrenOn Thursday, Britney Spears has made changes in their favor rules of attendance of their children, which recently she has selected.Yesterday the singer suddenly appeared in court in Los Angeles at the meeting, which considered it an emergency motion for the extension of the regime of visits, reports AP.Initially, the court allowed Spears to see the children under supervision of an observer, but forbade them to stay in her house for the night. "I think children are very important to be able to stay the night at her mother's, as it was always," the lawyer argued Spears, Ann Keeley. Side of the ex-husband of the singer, Kevin Federline, agreed with the proposed changes. "He agreed, although he was not obliged," said the lawyer was not present in court Federline mark Kaplan.Side Spears were also asked to consider the candidacy of her mother, Lynne Spears, for the role of the observer.At yesterday's hearing, judge Gordon reiterated that the troubles of Britney Spears can harm children. He also criticized her for failure to comply with previous orders of the court, stating that it was her fault that she took the kids. The judge added that so far had not received any test results for drugs that are required to undergo Spears directly from the lab, as he had prescribed.Spears appeared in court dressed in blue jeans and a black long sweater. Читать полностью -->

Michael Jackson hid the rotting skin plaster

Michael Jackson hid the rotting skin plaster Like the dark Emperor from "Star wars", wrapped up in black clothes and with severe eye hat Michael Jackson last weekend was published in Las Vegas, reports TMZ.Even more sinister view of 49-year-old former pop king gave plastered all over the face of the unknown for what purpose the patch. Together with their three children Jackson went to the bookstore Barnes & Noble.As is known, after repeated operations for lightening skin singer is experiencing great problems, he is forced to hide from the sun, as the processes of pigmentation are very active. Although the singer claims that just terrified of germs, bacteria and dirt, and his unique throat needs permanent protection in the form of a sterile mask.In 2004, Jackson began to have problems with his nose, which was literally fall off. Then the camera, depicting Jackson in time to testify at the trial, when he removed the mask, made footage that shocked everyone. To save the organ of smell succeeded only with the help of tissue that doctors took Jackson ear. Source: Michael Jackson hid the rotting skin plaster (photo). Читать полностью -->

Pugachev told the paparazzi about the affair with Galkin

Pugachev told the paparazzi about the affair with Galkin"The woman who sings" more than two years not married. But, as more than once wrote "Komsomolskaya Pravda", the heart of Alla Pugacheva have long occupied.Recall that about a year in the apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation lane lives with her friend Maxim Galkin. However, the couple never commented on their relationship. But the other day Pugachev made an exception for the program of NTV "You wouldn't believe!".- All my ex-husbands became my friends. What I'm not married, I do not interfere, " he told reporters Alla Borisovna. We live with Galkin and soul. Читать полностью -->

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