Babkina lost 23 pounds, sitting on the cutlets

Babkina lost 23 pounds, sitting on the cutletsNadezhda Babkina confessed "TD" that lost 23 pounds just by oatmeal and beet cutlets.After the concert in Lipetsk noticeably postroynevshaya 57-year-old ataman Russian pop opened his secret way of losing weight.- I categorically do not recognize starvation, " said the singer. - I have my own - "Bakinskaya" diet. At home and on the road I don't take the liberty of gastronomic delights - a simple Lenten meal. A little bit of oatmeal, for example, and a dozen carrot and beet burgers! Source: Gorky lost 23 pounds, sitting on the cutlets. . . Читать полностью -->

Bob Marley posthumously topped the Billboard

Bob Marley posthumously topped the BillboardIt has been 26 years after the death of Bob Marley, and his albums continue to beat all sales records. Thus, according to Billboard, album Bob Marley Forever took first place in the ranking of reggae albums.In addition, a joint album by Bob Marley & the Wailers - Africa Unite: The Singles Collection" was in ninth place, and the album Gold - the tenth. Both entered the ranking with hits Stir It Up and Get Up, Stand Up, reports Reuters.Continue their family tradition, sons Stephen Marley and Damien and their albums from Mind Control and " Welcome to Jam Rock took second and third place respectively. Also, got to take third and fourth place in the list of the best reggae artists of the year according to Billboard.For the second year in a row by American Hasidic reggae Matisyahu (Matthew Paul Miller) has headed a rating of the best reggae performers, attracting new fans with a mixture of reggae and rap, as well as verses about Jews-the Hasidim. Three of his album Youth, No Place to Be and Live at Stubb's took fifth, sixth and 11th place respectively in the list of the best reggae albums of the year.Lead for a long time the album Sean the Floor of The Trinity took fourth place. Paul also became the fifth in the list of the best reggae performers. Читать полностью -->

Amy Winehouse doing drugs in front of everyone

Amy Winehouse doing drugs in front of everyoneAbout singer Amy Winehouse all say it is less about how talented the performer. But more and more it is referred to as the heroine scandalous chronicle. The antics of this woman and her appearance can really be shocking.Amy can be called the female version of the famous drug addict Pete Doherty, part-time musician from the band Babyshambles and former boyfriend of Kate moss.Returning to the persona of Amy Winehouse, it can be noted that she made the list of the most sexy women in the world. It was condemned as the possessor of too pale skin, ridiculous makeup and bad hair.However, this is not the worst of sins artist. Lately she's clearly a big problem with alcohol and drugs. The singer is practically always in a different sort of rehab, but that doesn't really help her cope with her addiction.So, the other day Amy once again photographed in an indecent form. Читать полностью -->

Penelope Cruz has gotten a new look

Penelope Cruz has gotten a new look Penelope Cruz has bewitched all men of Hollywood.When in 1999 at the ceremony "Oscar" Penelope Cruz appeared on stage under the handle with Antonio Banderas to receive the prize for best foreign film of the year "All about my mother", few could have imagined that soon the Spanish beauty will become the most famous in America, European actress since Sophia Loren and consistently can twist the most eligible men in Hollywood.But that's the way it came out. Source: Penelope Cruz changed the image (photos). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Daring trick Timati threatens him by the court

Daring trick Timati threatens him by the courtThe controversial rapper Timati their behavior almost forced the traffic police to use weapons.The popular singer, who arranged a race night in Moscow, caught five crews of traffic police. Daring trick Timati threatens him with the court and the suspension of driving privileges.The scandalous incident, agog guardians of order, occurred at night in the East of Moscow. Timati behind the wheel of his exclusive orange "Porsche Cayenne" was driving out of the city center in the direction of the field. Together with the singer in the car were his two friends.About four in the morning in the area of the Transfiguration of the area the inspector of traffic police patrol, noticing from afar rushing the car, demanded to stop to check documents. However, the rapper, who had never been famous for good behavior on the road, this time just sped past a police post. The inspectors, amazed at the audacity of the stars, immediately gave chase, the newspaper "Your day".At the request of the traffic police to stop Timati has only increased the speed. Читать полностью -->

Basque Kirkorov does not consider the king of pop

Basque Kirkorov does not consider the king of popPhilip Kirkorov in our country believes himself to be the king of pop. However, there are people willing to challenge the title of artist. Recently, Nikolai Baskov publicly humiliated Philip, depriving him of any hope on the throne.It happened at the filming of the Christmas film "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors".As we already wrote in this remake of the famous tale of Alexander Rowe Nikolay Baskov plays the role of king Yagappa establishing competition Cracovienne". Philip appears as a villain Philipa, who, along with his companion Anida (played by Lolita) is trying to disrupt the event.On the set is not without its curiosities and improvisations. Every artist is trying to bring to his character as something new.Thus, the role of the king of Yagappa Nikolay Baskov became very relaxed and gave a very scathing comments about the performance of the contestants. So, after the number of Philip Kirkorov Basque burst into a funny monologue, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."I heard a rumor that someone claims to my throne. Читать полностью -->

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