Galkin has prepared for Pugacheva bedroom

Galkin has prepared for Pugacheva bedroomMaxim Galkin has allocated Alla Pugacheva in his luxurious seven-story townhouse located in the village of Mud large bedroom with fireplace and views of the pond, located in the yard.Upon completion of the construction of a country house Alla Pugacheva, apparently, will be all the free time in the house of maxima. The parodist has done everything possible to diva feel at home here. Moreover, to work on finishing her bedroom were normal, Galkin even once invited Dolly parton to come to the house to get his eyes looked, how it is progressing.Diva's got one of the biggest of the eight bedrooms in the house on the third floor. According to neighbors, Alla Borisovna she chose the floor, "not to rise much too high".- Now I started the finishing work, " says Maxim. - A lot of effort and moral and material spent on the construction of this house. He's like a bottomless pit where they go money.Excitement and experiences Maxim understandable, because finishing it would take him more than one hundred thousand dollars. Читать полностью -->

Sasha Pivovarova appeared in the Pirelli calendar 2008

Sasha Pivovarova appeared in the Pirelli calendar 2008Yesterday in Shanghai was presented to the famous Pirelli calendar for 2008. For the first time in 35 years, a well-known almanac, today managed by French photographer Patrick Demarchelier, was devoted to China and "the pearl of the Orient", according to AGI.This fact is the growing interest that the company shows from Milan to China, where a few days ago opened its second factory for the production of tires.Background for pictures Demarchelier was place in Shanghai associated with the colonial past of this city: the streets of the French quarter, the gardens of the British diplomatic mission, the atmosphere is forbidden China and tea gardens. Participants were eleven models and Actresses, three of which were Chinese.Also starred Englishwoman Agnes Dean and Lily Donaldson, the Dutch Doutzen Cres, Australian Catherine McNeil and Gemma ward, Irish Coco Rocha, Brazilian Carolyn Trentini and Russian Sasha Pivovarova. Total calendar 23 snapshot, two for each month except August.Models were dressed in clothes "Haute couture" fashion house of Dior, created by the fashion designer John Galliano. Suits models reproduce traditional Japanese geisha costumes."China represents both tradition and the future. The calendar shows this relationship," - said at the presentation of the calendar of the head of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti provera.First published in 1964, the Pirelli calendar is famous for its highly artistic portraits of women and limited edition. Читать полностью -->

Died a famous American film Director Delbert MA

Died a famous American film Director Delbert MAIn Los Angeles in the clinic, "Cedars Sinai" on 88-m to year of life died a famous American film Director Delbert Mann. The cause of death was pneumonia. In 1955 the film "Marty" won four Oscars.In particular, the film received the highest award of the American Academy of cinema as the best film of the year, and brought a gold statuette and most Manna for directing. It is noteworthy that to remove the film version of "Marty", the Manna took only 16 days and another 3 days for the filming takes. Prior to that, he directed the eponymous TV series on television, ITAR-TASS reported. Mann is considered one of the most prominent Directors of the "Golden age" of American television.He became the first Hollywood Director to adapt was developed for television technologies and techniques for shooting full-length movies. Читать полностью -->

`Finest hour` musician - concert in the most insane place

`Finest hour` musician - concert in the most insane placeCrowds of fans at concerts are no longer rock stars of all the fullness of sensations. Musicians learn new concert venue, which are the tops of mountains, the depths of the seas and the ruins of ancient civilizations, writes newspaper The Times.The pioneers in this "creative" approach were "the Beatles", whose incendiary performance on the roof of one of the buildings across the street Savile row I remember almost 40 years. The extreme conditions of the game and assumed extreme training part in the event. Particularly hard to the engineer, because the movement of air caused by windy in the morning creates a lot of noise in the recording process of live sound.One of the assistant engineer Glenn Jones that day, January 30, 1969, was Alan Parsons. He had to run to a nearby store for women's pantyhose to drape fonyaschey microphones. As a result, according to the recollections of the Parsons, in the store it has either a transvestite or a robber, because he did not even determine the size of purchased goods.So did the musicians of U2, who decided to shoot a video on the roof for his song " Where the Streets Have No Name in 1987. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov will attend the match Israel-Russia

Abdulov will attend the match Israel-RussiaThe mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov will not be able to attend the football match of the national teams of Israel and Russia, which will take place on Saturday 17 November in the suburbs of tel Aviv in the qualifying tournament of the European championship 2008."Mr. Luzhkov had planned to fly to Israel, but this was prevented by special circumstances," said NEWSru Israel Russian diplomatic sources.The journalist Alexey Osipov said that Israel will fly the Russian actor Alexander Abdulov. This time, Abdulov arrives only to cheer for Russia to undergo a new course of treatment he is going.The Russian guests have begun arriving in Israel in order to support their team, which will play a qualifying match with the Israelis for the final round of the European championship 2008.Just today at the airport of a name Ben-Gurion will land eight additional Charter flights of the Russian airline "Transaero" and "Gazprom Avia".Recall that the football match Israel-Russia will not work with the stands filled to capacity: the prices of the tickets, which were sold in Russia, were set at a level that even the Russians, who spent a total of more than $ 1 million, bought all.Ahead of the match in the Israeli stadium in Ramat Gan are introduced strict security measures: according to the Israeli press services, Palestinian terrorists are preparing "provocations". Protection match will be unprecedented - the stadium and surrounding area will patrol more than 1,500 law enforcement officers. Source: Abdulov will attend the match Israel-Russia. . Читать полностью -->

Daniel Craig secretly married

Daniel Craig secretly marriedAt the world premiere of the film "the Golden compass" in London with a friend Daniel Craig, she always Mitchell, on his finger was spotted engagement ring, which immediately gave rise to rumors that the performer of the role of James bond and the model secretly got engaged.About it reports the Daily Mail.At the premiere of Craig came dressed to match its heroic character in a simple black suit, white shirt and black tie. Accompanied with his lover, Mitchell.The premiere was also attended by Nicole Kidman and Eva green, who starred in the film with a budget of 180 million dollars, based on the novel by British writer Philip Pullman's "Northern lights". Craig has played Lord Acrila.The film attracted criticism after raising there anti-religious themes. But Craig himself said that the problem is exaggerated. "In the United States said that in the movie too much anti-religious ideas, and in Britain - that he walked away from the content of the book. All this exaggeration. Читать полностью -->

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