Whitney Houston phenomenally returned to the stage

Whitney Houston phenomenally returned to the stageSinger Whitney Houston sensationally returned to the stage, taking part in the event Swarovski Fashion Rocks, reports the MirrorWhen the singer suddenly appeared on the stage of London's Royal Albert hall in a gorgeous white dress from Valentino, the audience gasped. 44-year-old Houston presented the final show from Swarovski.Superstar secret from everyone flew in from new York and hid in one of the London hotels, so as not to spoil the surprise.In recent years, Whitney has been a lot of problems in marriage with Bobby brown. She managed to get out of the hospital, to divorce her husband and get custody of her daughter Christina. Now she's ready to reclaim the crown of the Queen of music, having signed a 10-million contract.The star - who remained in the shadows since 2005 he appeared before the public in great shape. "Everyone in the audience were impressed - even stars such as Kate moss, Lily Allen and Naomi Campbell began to cry. In the remainder of the evening, everyone was saying," says one of the guests.Whitney Houston in the 80-ies and 90-ies of the twentieth century has repeatedly won the prestigious music award Grammy. Читать полностью -->

Paul McCartney introduced his girlfriend with his daughter

Paul McCartney introduced his girlfriend with his daughterActress the Rosana Arquette, now I can say with confidence, meets with Paul McCartney, met his little daughter, reports the Sun.The famous beatle introduced Arquette four-Beatrice, born from the collapsed marriage to Heather mills as "a new friend" at his estate in East Sussex."For Roseanne to be admitted into the next round McCartney means that he appreciates her," said an informed source, adding that the Arquette and McCartney secretly Dating since August.48-year-old the Rosana Arquette, best known for the movie "pulp fiction", has already become the third woman you see next to McCartney's high-profile divorce from Heather mills. Before the beatle attributed relationship with 47-year-old American millionaire Nancy Shevel, as well as with actress Renee Zellweger. Source: Paul McCartney introduced his girlfriend with his daughter. . . . Читать полностью -->

Natalie Imbruglia broke up with Daniel Jones

Natalie Imbruglia broke up with Daniel JonesPopular singer Natalie Imbruglia has split from her husband. The frontman of Australian rock band Silverchair, Daniel Johns has announced that their relationship lasted 4 years, finished.The reason for parting couple, married near Port Douglas in Queensland on the eve of the new 2003 year, called the distance separating them and the demands of career, writes The Sun. "Although we are very sad to report that our marriage is over, we want to emphasize that we will remain warm and friendly relations", - said imbrulia and Jones in a joint statement."This is a balanced decision was not made rashly. Nevertheless, our work forces us to be in different parts of the world that have affected our relationship. We are too much far away from each other, as he could not spend enough time together", - said in a statement.Previously Natalie of Imbrulia previously had Affairs with the star of the TV series "Friends" David Schwimmer, rocker lenny Kravitzes and pilot of Formula 1 Jacques Villeneuve.Imbruglia started to write lyrics and music in 1997. Almost immediately came the famous hit Torn. Читать полностью -->

Abdulov returned to Israel for surgery

Abdulov returned to Israel for surgerySeriously ill with lung cancer Alexander Abdulov flew to Israel to continue treatment at the clinic Ichilov hospital.The fact that the surgeons of this hospital agreed to perform the famous Russian actor operation that refused to do Russian doctors.After the consultation with the doctors of the Moscow oncological center artist decided to return to tel Aviv. He already underwent treatment in Israel in September. Then the actor returned to Moscow to visit his sick mother and to be screened in the capital's cancer center.The doctors came to the conclusion that the designated Israeli colleagues treatment was not ideal for the patient. Oncologists invited the artist to postpone the operation and use of drug therapy.However, writes "Your day", the actor did not listen to the advice of doctors and decided to return to Israel, where his promise to operate.Surgery Abdulov decided after trying to heal with the help of alternative medicine. "Passion Sasha alternative medicine began several years ago," says the Director of the Lenkom mark Zakharov. Then he's in the company of Mikhail Ulyanov and Vladimir Etush went to China, where he visited one of the local healers. Читать полностью -->

Lolita was kidnapped intimate diary

Lolita was kidnapped intimate diaryClose people are trying to circumvent lolita party: they are afraid to spill the beans and tell the singer the awful truth. Friends of the artist are afraid that after learning about the misfortune befallen her, she will fall into a depression.Still! After all, the unknown robbers stole a computer, a memory in which a single copy was sketch cover new disk Lola.The incident is very similar to the story happened recently in Moscow with another celebrity, Sofia Rotaru. Recall that about a month ago from her machine administrator was stolen briefcase with two million rubles...Assault on the Director of the record company Sky Music Victoria Marcinkowska, whose client is Lolita, also took place in Moscow in the near Smolensk square. Unknown broke the window in the car "Honda" and grabbed the laptop, fled in an unknown direction.- It is the same handwriting, the same scheme, all very similar, as if one group works, hunting for our artists, " said one of the workers at Sky Music.All would be nothing (well, think of it, the laptop was gone!), however, on the hard disk of the computer stored the priceless information: sketches of the cover of the new album "the Orientation of the North" and the photos that were supposed to use when making the disc. That was stored on the laptop was the only copy and was considered unique...According to friends of Lolita, the news of the theft boomed like thunder in a clear sky, because while the album was only released in a Deluxe version, and massive sales planned to start later. Now because of the theft of the laptop the CD would have to be postponed indefinitely, the newspaper "Life".By the way, managers Lolita still prefer to hide from her the news about the robbery. Читать полностью -->

107-year-old artist Boris Yefimov was `a legend of the genre`

107-year-old artist Boris Yefimov was `a legend of the genre`The organizers of the international competition cartoonists will be awarded a 107-year-old artist Boris Yefimov his honorary award - "the Legend of the genre." About it reports ITAR-TASS.The opening day of the competition organized by the "New News" opens November 8, 2007 in the halls of the Russian Academy of arts.Since the beginning of 1920-ies Boris Efimov worked as a cartoonist in the Central Soviet Newspapers during the war, participated in the project "TASS Windows", after the war he worked in the Union "propaganda poster".Efimov has three times received the state prize of the USSR, is a member of the Academy of arts, winner of three orders of Lenin and other state awards. Source: 107-year-old artist Boris Yefimov became "a legend of the genre"". . . . . Читать полностью -->

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