The ranking of the most `spoiled` celebrities

The ranking of the most `spoiled` celebritiesThe company "Socal Cleanse" based on Internet research tried to identify the General opinion regarding most debased "stars": find out how many of the celebrities of the "dirty" reputation.First of all, Internet research addressed issues of health, hygiene and addiction to alcohol and prohibited drugs.The palm of victory among women was awarded to Amy Winehouse, as voted for by 47% of respondents. Second and third place was taken by Paris Hilton (21%) and Tara Reid 16%). Followed by Courtney Love (13%) and Heidi Montag (3%).In the men's rating of "impropriety" leads Tommy Lee with a result of 45 % of the vote. Also on the list unhygienic men were: David Hasselhof 22%), Vince Vaughn (18%), Kiefer Sutherland (11%).Avid brawlers Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Pete Doherty, disturbing his pretentious actions of the world community, has not received the threshold number of votes to get a rating.Kind of a ranking of the most unkempt and dirty "stars" was stated as the stars adhere to the "hygiene of life." Another aspect of our research was a survey about the image of the most tidy of celebrities.In the list of "clean" hit: Jessica Biel, Carrie underwood, Jessica Alba. Among men with unblemished reputation were identified as: David Beckham, Matt Damon, Matthew Mcconahy and Jake Gyllenhaal. Source: the Ranking of the most "spoiled" celebrities. Читать полностью -->

Member `factory of stars-7` robbed

Member `factory of stars-7` robbedThe graduate of "factory of stars - 7" Pups robbed at the Kazan station.Aspiring artist along with other "manufacturers" went on tour in Russia, but the train suddenly found that I took from his pocket his wallet disappeared, the newspaper "Your day".- Most likely, I was robbed when we boarded the train, " sighs Fats. I had the bags in his hands, and at the car there was a huge crowd. At some point I even felt that I had a rummage in your pocket. Turned - no one. Only on the train discovered the loss. I was very upset.Called my mom, but she calmed me down, saying that these people wither hands. Читать полностью -->

Dana Borisova incredibly thin

Dana Borisova incredibly thinMany celebrities, like all normal women, after childbirth complain of significant weight gain. TV presenter Dana Borisova exception: her postpartum weight really phenomenal.Dana gave birth to a daughter, Pauline, just a month and a half ago, but had regained its former shape. A film star now weighs just one kilo more than before. And that's because feeds daughter Breasts.A young mother briefly stayed on maternity leave. Dana already again, you can see in the broadcast of the morning show on NTV."I miss his work, so was very glad to be back," says the TV presenter. - Colleagues, I met a very nice and Zadar rattles for the Price".Schedule at Dana Borisova standard: week by week, says "Antenna". Читать полностью -->

Julia Volkova give birth to live

Julia Volkova give birth to liveThe singer decided to make the appearance of the heir's scandalous show.In December, lead singer of t. A. T. u. Julia Volkova will again become a mother.Julia grows a little daughter businessman Pavel. But with this civil husband Volkov broke up two years ago. Читать полностью -->

Fired assistant Naomi Campbell committed suicide

Fired assistant Naomi Campbell committed suicideFormer assistant Naomi Campbell, the supermodel kicked with the scandal, committed suicide by jumping from a bridge in London, reports the Sunday Mirror.The body of 28-year-old jade bien-Aimee Sutherland was found on the banks of the Thames near the bridge albert bridge in South London last week. Last year in Los Angeles Naomi kicked jade, sending it back to the UK.The friends believe that the tragic jade step podvignuli death from pneumonia of her best friend, 24-year-old Andrew Richardson. In the email she wrote: "Now when he's gone I'm all alone, my heart is empty, my life is empty. I don't think is worth living after losing a close".Jade was born in the Caribbean Islands. Before she was a man, but then made a sex change operation. After Naomi kicked her out in one of the blogs jade wrote: "I was happy before beginning to work for you, now I am broke and without work. Читать полностью -->

Since the death of Murat Nasyrov marks one year

Since the death of Murat Nasyrov marks one yearIn the night of Saturday, 20 January 2007, did not become a singer Murat Nasyrov. The body of 37-year-old musician was found by passers-by, drove half an hour later an Ambulance was pronounced dead.The investigation confirmed the basic version of his death is suicide. Murat stepped down from the balcony of his apartment on the fifth floor. He was dressed in concert jacket, white shirt and jeans. Nearby lay his self-portrait and broken pieces from the Canon. Some friends suggested that Murat was trying to film and his last flight.Since childhood, it got the nickname of the Photographer. Читать полностью -->

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