Abdulov was again admitted to hospital

Abdulov was again admitted to hospitalThe disease, which is struggling in public favourite actor Alexander Abdulov, from time to time makes itself felt sudden complications.Most often brings heart - a month ago, we will remind, Alexander Gavrilovich had to be hospitalized because of severe pain.And last weekend, the situation repeated itself. About nine o'clock on Saturday, the actor has once again brought in one of Moscow's best hospitals. Along with him came the wife Julia, who never leaves Aleksandr Gavrilovich one. Abdulov again complained to the doctors at the pain on the left chest. Worried that it is caused by abnormal heart rhythm. Experienced doctors carefully examined the actor took a cardiogram. Читать полностью -->

With Lindsay Lohan's addiction to sex

With Lindsay Lohan's addiction to sexIt may surprise you, but in addition to drugs and alcohol at the controversial actress Lindsay Lohan has another addiction from sex. The star, nicknamed "Fire crotch" and caught in the center of lesbian scandal, now has gained more and title of nimfomanki.This title generously gave her ex-boyfriend, writes The Daily Telegraph.Reilly Giles, with whom the star famous teen Comedy met in a narcological clinic, has a lot of revelations in an interview with the British News of the World."Lindsay's definitely Uniformance. She's just crazy in bed. We had sex a couple of times during the day and then continued to do this throughout the night," he said."Once we did it four times in a row. It was a bit crazy. Lindsay was insatiable. Читать полностью -->

10 worst Nude scenes in film history

10 worst Nude scenes in film history Naked wrestling Sasha Baron Cohen with his overweight Manager in the film about the adventures of a Kazakh journalist Borat was named the worst scene in the Nude in the history of cinema.The episode, filmed at the American hotel and became the climax of the picture "Borat: the study of American culture for the benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan" took first place in the ranking, compiled in the November issue of film magazine Empire, which featured 10 worst Nude scenes of all time.Performance by demi Moore in "Striptease" was in second place for its "shameless exhibitionism", while "naked ass and aging" Michael Douglas in "basic instinct" took the third position.According to the Deputy editor Luke Goodsell, and ranked, he was guided by two criteria: Either the scene must be deliberately fantastic and disgusting, or, as in most cases, cause uncontrollable laughter over absolutely inappropriate vanity of its members".10 worst scenes in the Nude from Empire magazine:1. Sacha Baron Cohen and Ken Davitian - Borat2. Demi Moore - Striptease3. Michael Douglas - Basic instinct4. Kate Winslet - Titanic5. Harvey Keitel - "The Piano". Читать полностью -->

Sobchak has arranged a Striptease on the filming of the Christmas lights

Sobchak has arranged a Striptease on the filming of the Christmas lights Well-known TV presenter and socialite Ksenia Sobchak has arranged a Striptease on the filming of the Christmas program at the CTC.Nude breast presenter literally paralyzed actors involved with her in the new year show "phantom of the soap Opera on STS".On stage She appeared in a gorgeous red strapless dress. It was then, and played with the girl a cruel joke. Carefully traiterous room before recording, TV presenter located in the Golden chair in anticipation of the phonogram. As soon as the music began, She went into a rage, stood up... and stepped on the hem of your own dresses. Outfit treacherously slipped, exposing the Breasts of the girl. Читать полностью -->

Major studios Hollywood terminated the contracts with striking writers

Major studios Hollywood terminated the contracts with striking writersThe four largest producing company in Hollywood - twentieth Century Fox Television, CBS Paramount Network Television, NBC Universal and Warner Bros. cancelled several dozen contracts with striking writers.About it RIA "news" referring to The Los Angeles Times.According to the newspaper, terminated about 65 contracts. On average, the production company paid to each writer from 500 thousand to 2 million dollars a year. According to the authors of the publication, terminating agreements, Hollywood studios recognized that the current television season to save did not succeed - packages scripts for filming new episodes of the famous TV show and TV series over, and playwrights are not going to stop the strike, which lasted for two months.As a rule, in January begins the period of the show pilot episodes of new TV projects, after which the producers choose the most successful of them and bought a new manuscript. However, due to protests in the current season, producers are not many to choose from.Hollywood writers are on strike for the eleventh week, requiring increased payments with sales of videos distributed on DVD and via the Internet and mobile phones and other preferences. After lengthy negotiations, the management of the studios refused to comply with the requirements of writers, and in early November, the writers went on strike.They are not interrupted even for one of the biggest film events of the year - the award ceremony "Golden globe". Читать полностью -->

Moscow says goodbye to academician Valery Shumakov

Moscow says goodbye to academician Valery ShumakovMoscow on Tuesday, saying goodbye to a well-known cardiac surgeon, founder of the Russian school of transplantation academician Valery Shumakov, who died Sunday at the 77th year of life from congestive heart failure.Civil funeral is held at the research Institute of Transplantology and artificial organs, permanent Director which Shumakov was for many years. Bury him at the Novodevichy cemetery. President Putin sent condolences, ITAR-TASS reported.Valery Shumakov not only marked the beginning of clinical transplantation in Russia, but became the founder of medical science about artificial organs, temporarily replaces the impaired function of the heart, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, reminiscent of the air force.In 1965 he spent the USSR's first successful kidney transplant in 1987 - the donor heart, in 1990 - the liver. Since 1974 Shumakov, who headed the research Institute of Transplantology and artificial organs, where until the last days of life spent the most difficult operations.In Russia Shumakov has been marked by many awards and titles. His work has also received wide recognition abroad, he was elected a member of many academies.The President of Russia Vladimir Poutinepower a telegram of condolences to the family of a heart surgeon Valery Shumakova. In the telegram, in particular, reads: "died not only a consummate professional but also a true patriot, a citizen, humanist. Читать полностью -->

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