Virgin Wasserman received the order from the net

Virgin Wasserman received the order from the net Cult member of the TV show "jeopardy" Anatoly Wasserman long been a folk character thanks to a fantastic mental abilities and the special way of life. In 14 years he has studied 15-volume encyclopedic Handbook of mechanical engineering.17, an argument with a friend, took a vow of celibacy. And now, without being distracted by unnecessary, as the analyst consults the powers and performs regularly with the analysis of the current political situation on the pages of our Newspapers. With all the time goes to 7-pound vests with pockets 28, where items are at all occasions. Suddenly an urgent mission?The phenomenon of Odessa "knocked" 55. On the eve of the anniversary of the correspondent of "Express" newspaper visited Anatoly Alexandrovich.In the Moscow apartment of Anatoly Wasserman, the smartest man of the CIS, we went with stars erotic online channel BERKOVA TV (ORTV), promising him on the phone a surprise. Читать полностью -->

Anfisa Chekhov staged Nude party in the sauna

Anfisa Chekhov staged Nude party in the saunaPopular presenter Anfisa Chekhov had a ball. Malediwy finally finished shooting the Comedy "Death to the Soviet children", on which she was so numerals that decided to be as warm in one of Moscow VIP saunas.I took a sauna and hosted a party for her friends - told "Life" Anfisa. - Ordered strippers-bath attendants. The event had its own dress code: guests were obliged to strip naked completely. In the clothes there just don't let anybody in. Among those whom I sent out invitations, there were a lot of stars, but not all dare to come and undress at the entrance to the sauna.Life for the week (#043) Source: Anfisa Chekhov staged Nude party in the sauna. Читать полностью -->

Brother Ronaldo was shot in dismantling criminal

Brother Ronaldo was shot in dismantling criminalA cousin of football club "Milan" Ronaldo shot in Rio de Janeiro in shootouts. This was reported on Sunday, local media reports Canadianpress.23-year-old Igor Nazario de Lima and two other young men were shot dead from a passing car near the pharmacy in the North of the city late on Saturday night. Another man received non-hazardous to the life of the injured. It is known that Lima worked in the pharmacy forwarder.Ronaldo, who is now in Brazil due to injury, has not commented on the tragic news.The police said that no one arrested and no suspects. Also it is not clear whether the attack was directed against cousin Ronaldo.As you know, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most criminal cities in the world: per 100 thousand inhabitants there happens to be 50. Source: Brother Ronaldo was shot in dismantling criminal. Читать полностью -->

Penelope Cruz decided to become a porn star

Penelope Cruz decided to become a porn starSpanish actress Penelope Cruz, who starred in many popular films, will become a porn star. At least in his next project, reports kutv.33-year-old Cruz has agreed to play this role in the new music video of her brother Eduardo Cruz. With sister Penelope - Monica - will also play in the clip porn star.Cruz became famous in the world thanks to such films as Vanilla sky (with Tom cruise), "Gothic" (Halley berry) and "Blow" (with johnny Depp).For a brief time Cruz even met with his counterpart, Tom cruise. Now she's Dating Spanish actor Javier Bardem.Now Penelope Cruz is also preparing to shoot a drama in Nine Director Robert Marshal, except where it will be played, stars such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sophia Loren. According to the script of the film, Cruz will have to sing, so she decided to quit, so as not to spoil the vote. Source: Penelope Cruz decided to become a porn star. Читать полностью -->

Sikharulidze ignored nipples Volochkova

Sikharulidze ignored nipples Volochkova If in "Ice age" judges gave points for sexuality and the ability to combine incongruous, Anastasia, perhaps, would be the undeniable prima in this category.Why not just invent a ballerina to draw the attention of his partner Anton Sikharulidze. The elegant sports jacket with the words "Anastasia" in English wear, insulated pants over sweatpants, and the last outfit Nastya completely paralyzed rehearsal at "Mosfilm".The ballerina came to the rink in translucent pale blue shirt with thin spaghetti straps. And underwear under her ballerina to wear for some reason "forgot". Extravagant attire spoiled only famous combination "pants-shorts". Given that naked Nastya at the General run, her gorgeous (and not ballet) chest appreciated everything from the participants and trainers of the show to fitters and cleaners. At the rink who rarely undresses - still cold, but the beauty demands victims. Читать полностью -->

General family budget Pugacheva and Galkin

General family budget Pugacheva and GalkinIn recent years, Alla Pugacheva was called the most influential and richest woman in the Russian show business.For example, Forbes magazine claimed that the condition of the singer approaching $100 million.Analysts of this esteemed publication believe that Alla Pugacheva has earned this year about four million dollars.And her longtime favorite Maxim Galkin over the same period funded your wallet worth more modest 2.9 million "green".However, as we found out, its state Alla recently got pretty wasted. And Galkin has long been "feathered" and earns significantly more mentor. In a dance coterie to have formed the opinion that Galkin lives by Pugacheva. Supposedly, Donna helps her favorite and helpful tips, and Finance. But it was not so.We already wrote about that a year ago, Maxim moved to an apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation alley. A couple who claimed that between them only a strong friendship, now don't hide their close relationship.- I am 60 and he was 30 - and nothing! - talking about your Alliance with the parodist singer.As the star Duo have barely parted, Maxim and Alla are now common family budget. Читать полностью -->

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