Nikita Dzhigurda considers itself the heir of Vysotsky

Nikita Dzhigurda considers itself the heir of VysotskyJanuary 25, legendary actor and bard Vladimir Vysotsky would have turned 70 years old. All over the country and outside the singer's fans celebrate the birthday of the idol.Among the admirers of the singer is a man who considers himself a follower of his case. We are talking about the actor Nikita Dzhigurda, which has been for many years fighting for the right to perform the songs of Vysotsky, because, as he says, asked him about this the master himself.- Vladimir Vysotsky became a symbol of an era. He was called "the voice of the' 70s. What was he to You?- Vysotsky, when I was very young, was my earthly teacher. At age 13 I first picked up a seven-string guitar. Читать полностью -->

Secret document Copperfield got to the Net

Secret document Copperfield got to the NetThe Internet has got a secret document of the suspect in the rape of illusionist David Copperfield, in which he gives instructions to his assistants about how to Woo him interesting women.In the document entitled "the show", which is published on the website TMZ, from people working on Copperfield required to carry a Polaroid camera, digital camera, brochure with information about the Islands in the Bahamas and the photos Copperfield (if one of the girls - "Scorpion")."Scorpions" in the document called the girls that David invites on stage during the show.The document describes how assistants must seek attractive women with whom David can meet backstage after the show. The Boyfriends and husbands, if any, should remain in the hall. "From time to time, Boyfriends and husbands are problems and refuse to stay. Try your best to keep them in. See paragraph "What to say" in piece aid," the document says.The assistants are told to say to women: "You know, David recently bought island in the Bahamas. There are very nice and with these Islands we have a lot of projects: advertising, TV, radio and more. Читать полностью -->

Fergie on speech have not noticed unbuttoned his fly

Fergie on speech have not noticed unbuttoned his fly At a concert in New Zealand on 17 January with the sexy singer has caused a little embarrassment. Speaking at the opening act for sting, Fergie forgot to check that little detail of his suit - pants...Solitska The Black Eyed Peas enjoyed fellowship with the new Zealand audience who attended the show sting and the reunited band the Police, he did not notice the unbuttoned your white castle concert trousers, the website Gossip Girls. Flashing to the delight of fans, she has fulfilled all of its program and proudly walked away from the scene.Apparently, thoughts of beauty now far from music and little things like the crotch. She is getting ready for the wedding with her boyfriend Josh Duhamel, which we wrote about in late December. Close from the entourage star said that the couple is actively seeking a place for the ceremony. In addition, recently in the press leaked the rumors that Fergie is pregnant. Читать полностью -->

Shocking Topless-confusion of stars, 2007

Shocking Topless-confusion of stars, 2007 Not all celebrities have been remembered in the past year something special in terms of creativity. But do not get upset, because each star has a proven way to stay in the hearts of fans forever.A couple of the Topless flashes and "random" confusion - and Hollywood celebrity again exudes light Megastar.The most important scandal in 2007 was a very rare occurrence in nature Topless photo Jennifer aniston. In February the full version of candid photos from the filming of "Divorce in America" has hit the Internet. One of them became the cover of the French magazine Choc. The star even tried to sue about it with everyone else. However, to change anything neither her nor her lawyers failed: photos are still online, and enjoy the Breasts of the former wife of brad pitt can now every.Title Topless-Queen-2007, as well, and in the past two years, receives a British model Kate moss that nothing can make to wear a swimsuit on the beach.Breasts are a 32-year-old Kate all her admirers and enemies know like the back of my hand.Sunbathing naked loves how it turned out and the actress Sharon stone. Читать полностью -->

Vlad Topalov ended up in the hands of cops

Vlad Topalov ended up in the hands of copsOur young celebrities seem to look up to the older generation and not in the best qualities.Recently, we told you that legendary figure skater Irina Rodnina and a half years lost his driver's license for gross misconduct. Now in her footsteps went popular singer Vlad Topalov.He landed in the hands of cops late on Thursday. About ten o'clock the singer had cut in his "Mercedes Gelendvagen", and so valiantly that drove right on to the oncoming lane. Duty nearby inspector smart guy immediately braked. Demanded the right. And then, making the Protocol right away. Читать полностью -->

Renata Litvinova `fuse` on brunette

Renata Litvinova `fuse` on brunetteRenata Litvinova starred in a strange role. In her biography appeared in the film, where she appeared in only one photo."Actually, I like role when the actor is not a single word. Still very good to play lying. And here - just lovely. I appear on the screen only voice and photography," says the actress about her role in the film Catch up brunette".Director Natalia Novik this debut picture. And it looks like this funny story will not leave anyone indifferent. Читать полностью -->

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