Britney Spears has been fingerprinted

Britney Spears has been fingerprintedSinger Britney Spears has voluntarily arrived at the police station in Los Angeles to be photographed and fingerprinted under the case of violation of traffic rules, reports Reuters.At the station, located in the suburb of van Living, Spears spent about half an hour. The singer is accused of driving with an expired license and leaving the scene of an accident. Hearing of her case will be held on October 25.We will remind, in August 2007 in Los Angeles, the singer behind the wheel of the Mercedes, drove out of the Parking lot and damaged one of the parked cars. After inspecting the damage, Spears fled the scene. His action, she explained that she was haunted by the photographers-paparazzi.Later it turned out that the driver's license of the singer overdue. In that case, if the court finds the guilt of the pop star, she faces a fine of two thousand dollars and imprisonment up to six months. Читать полностью -->

Maksim may repeat the fate of Michael Jackson

Maksim may repeat the fate of Michael JacksonFriends of the singer Maksim worried about her nose, left without cartilage due to sports injuries she had received in her youth.- Maksim previously loved hockey and played a lot of he - said "TD" buddy artist Andrey Aleksin. Hence the scar on her forehead, and other injuries... And her nose actually moves when you touch it. She has almost no cartilage. How woulda never fell off! I am very worried about her. As for the artist, the person is a business card. Читать полностью -->

10 hairstyles that changed Victoria Beckham since the Spice Girls

10 hairstyles that changed Victoria Beckham since the Spice Girls Victoria Beckham is no longer blonde. In connection with the reunion of the Spice Girls, she decided to return to the image of the fatal brunette as it was in the heyday of the legendary British pop group, says the London Daily Mail.As a job went Posh Spice on Friday in one of the salons of Beverly hills and spent a whopping 8 hours. She didn't want to glow in a new image ahead of time and leaving the salon, hid her hair under a cap, however nimble the paparazzi still seized the moment and were able to capture Victoria in a new color.Meanwhile, 33-year-old Victoria Beckham loves to experiment with hair: the American tabloids have calculated that since the Spice Girls she changed more than 10 times. We offer our readers a photo of the singer in different years. What image do you like? Source: 10 hairstyles that changed Victoria Beckham since the Spice Girls (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Marina Mogilevskaya got on a hospital cot

Marina Mogilevskaya got on a hospital cotActress Marina Mogilevskaya, the audience favorite because of his work in the TV series "Turkish March", "Moscow Windows", "Kamenskaya", became seriously ill.According to doctors, the woman will spend in a hospital bed at least a few days.The star was brought to the clinic by appointment, doctors conducted her examination and insisted on the urgent hospitalization, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda". The 37-year-old actress started the inflammatory process."Mogilev - a very charming woman and an obedient patient - doctors say. - We will stay at least a few days.". . . . Читать полностью -->

Fake Roman S. have destroyed the family

Fake Roman S. have destroyed the familyFake novels are among the stars of show business it is not uncommon. Usually this adds to the popularity of both parties fictional love stories, but there is such a PR of novels and the other side.We already wrote about the fact that the actor and Director Oleg Fomin now he was sorry about "love" for Anna Semenovich. According to him, this PR move much ruined his relationship with his wife, and other relatives too.Now the singer is also very sorry that he ever agreed to this method of raising popularity. According to the ex-soloist of "Brilliant", in the end, and her love with your loved one did not work, and the family of Oleg finally collapsed.By the way Anna herself in those days, when reporters peppered her with questions about Oleg Fomin, was happy with a man named Ruslan. With it I Semenovich was the longest novel that spanned over four years."You know, I only got into show business, nothing else really don't understand," Anna tells us about his invented the novel in an interview with "OK!". Читать полностью -->

The mother of Kanye West died after a `harmless` operations

The mother of Kanye West died after a `harmless` operationsAmerican rapper Kanye West these days is mourning his mother, who died suddenly from complications after cosmetic surgery, reports AP.Three years ago, 58-year-old Donde West left teaching and became Manager of his son, who began a successful career as a rapper.She died on Saturday evening, local time in Los Angeles at the clinic, where she was taken home in an ambulance when she started having trouble breathing.Her representative Patricia Greene, stated that Donde died "from complications after cosmetic surgery", but the details are not reported. An autopsy is expected to be held until Wednesday.Plastic surgeon Jan Adams, who operated on Mrs. West, said that his guilt there is no death and that death could be the cause other medical problems. According to him, he did Donde operation on the abdomen, and also reduced the chest. Mrs. West has consulted for four months and often changed opinion about operations, he says. Читать полностью -->

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