77-year-old man sued for sexual discrimination

77-year-old man sued for sexual discrimination77-year-old German entrepreneur and actor Rolf Eden has sued 19-year-old resident of Berlin for the fact that she refused him, calling too old.The founder of the Berlin Nightclubs, real estate Mogul and famous former playboy told the newspaper Bild: "I met her at one of the clubs. She alone sat at the bar. Of course, I came up to her". Well-proven method of Dating worked: "Look, you are so beautiful, but you and I have the same problem." Blonde, of course, wanted to know what connects her with playboy. "I don't have your iPhone, and you - my," replied Eden.It turned out that beauty's name is Katherine, she's 19 years old and from Berlin. Eden got her champagne "Then we went to my house. Читать полностью -->

Glory cut his eyebrow and cut his leg

Glory cut his eyebrow and cut his legThe singer Glory in recent times, no luck: being in your own apartment, she managed to earn a serious injury, you may have to do plastic surgery.Going in the morning, the girl broke a glass in the bathroom. But this is only half the problem. After a few moments of Glory slipped and, falling down on the floor, was badly hurt. Careless girl cut his eyebrow and cut his leg. But if the damage on the foot were not very visible, the face of the Glory of the evening was swollen and she had to go to the hospital, the newspaper "Your day"."I don't want to talk about it," says Slava. Is very unpleasant and painful.In the clinic the singer upset prediction that she will have a scar.- Most likely, Glory in the future will have to do plastic surgery to hide this scar, " said a friend of the singer. Читать полностью -->

Victoria Beckham has banned her husband to go to the concert

Victoria Beckham has banned her husband to go to the concertVictoria Beckham has banned her husband to appear on the first tour concert reunited group the Spice Girls. As told the rejected husband, "spice girls" nerves.According to the famous football player David Beckham, his wife initially agreed, but then husband refused the opportunity to go to a concert, writes The Sun. "We'll get too nervous," said wife Victoria, who in the group called Posh ("Chic").Beckham added that together with his sons will join the tour the couple two days later, when the "spice girls" will give a concert in San Jose.In this case, the player is sure that Victoria will call him immediately after the first concert, to tell us how it went. "She said that the rehearsal went with a Bang", - concludes with optimism 32-year-old Beckham.Sam Beckham, he at the moment for club LA Galaxy, will be in early December in New Zealand. To reach Vancouver, he would have to spend 16 hours on a flight. However, a footballer in any case intends to visit many concerts of the tour. Читать полностью -->

Hugo Chavez has become a sex symbol

Hugo Chavez has become a sex symbolPresident Hugo Chavez recognized by the inhabitants of Venezuela one of the most attractive men in the country. According to Reuters, these are the results of a survey conducted by the order of the largest business groups in the country Fedecamaras.The Agency notes that this structure for many years is in stark opposition to Chavez.Recognition of Chavez as a sex symbol was a surprise because he has always been considered unattractive man and had been constantly a victim cartoonists, which enhanced his big nose, thick lips, and a rare front teeth. The President and called himself ugly. Now, however, Chavez took fifth place in the list of the most sexy men of Venezuela. The most popular President's party enjoys among the poor.In the survey, the purpose of which was to identify the habits and preferences of Venezuelans participated more than 14 thousand people. Source: Hugo Chavez has become a sex symbol. Читать полностью -->

Daineko told the truth about the wedding with agodini

Daineko told the truth about the wedding with agodiniThe winner of "factory of stars-5" Victoria Daineko, as you know, in 'Ice age' riding in tandem with Alex agodini. The couple looks so harmoniously together that they have already recorded almost in brides and grooms.Vika in a recent interview finally decided to reveal the truth about his relationship with agodini and even expressed their opinion about a hypothetical marriage to Olympic champion."Alex is a good friend, a great guy," says Victoria in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda". "But we are different people, we have different characters. So while for Yagudin I'm not going to marry".By the way, before the girl on the questions about his feelings for Yagudin answered evasively, as if stirring interest of fans. Now that the "Ice age" is nearing completion, Daineko still reveals the card.According to "fabricante", at first it felt very awkward in a pair with a famous figure skater."About what I'm going to skate pairs with Lesha, I was informed by the organizers of the project, - the girl told. - Then we met with him, met. Читать полностью -->

Star outfits in court and on the red carpet

Star outfits in court and on the red carpet Singer Amy Winehouse didn't look like she dressed in her best Sunday dress, when on 18 January 2008 came in a London court to support her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.He was accused of causing bodily harm and obstruction of justice in fact fights in London in June 2006. On stage, Winehouse makes a bouffant and dresses in revealing outfits, but in court she arrived with tousled hair and dirty Czech.The fallen pop star Britney Spears appeared on January 14 in Los Angeles court for custody of their two children in a dress with long sleeves, which looked much better than the transparent outfit that she wore the week before. However, the Spears court did not hit. Seeing a crowd of paparazzi, with the words "I'm afraid", she sat back in the limo and left.Actor Wesley snipes is certainly the most elegantly dressed in court last week. Snipes is known for his freestyle in clothing that shows a picture of him at the reception before the awards "the Oscars", but on January 17 in the court of the city of Ocala (FL) he came in a simple dark blue suit with a tie.Former world champion on Boxing in heavy weight Mike Tyson looked quite tidy when on 19 November 2007 came to the court of the city of Mesa (AZ). However, hats off to the judge, who gave him three years probation and one day in prison for drug possession and driving while intoxicated, he had to remove. Читать полностью -->

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