Kim Kardashian `Playboy` cooler than home made porn

Kim Kardashian `Playboy` cooler than home made porn American socialite, girlfriend Paris Hilton and the daughter of the famous lawyer, Kim Kardashian got naked for the December issue of "Playboy", writes today Hollyscoop.While Kim was known only as an avid Hollywood socialite and the main character in their own homemade porn, walked in last year on the Internet. Now the charms of beauty, an Armenian by origin, will be able to assess not only Amateur hot video, but readers of popular men's magazine. Meanwhile, Kimberly herself told one of the American publications that she does "not like" and is going to struggle with the prevailing stereotype of the glamorous Queen of parties. The output of the girl found quite in the spirit of his girlfriend Peris - she also decided to participate in a reality show. But unlike the heiress to a hotel Empire, starring in the show "the Simple life" about the adventures of high-society ladies in the American heartland, Kim Kardashian will show the whole country the lives of his own family. Reality show "keep up with the Kardashians" ("Keeping Up With The Kardashians") were launched on channel E! October 14.Well, we are not able (fortunately or unfortunately...) to observe the UPS and downs of the turbulent life of a cute little family the Kardashians, but we can now enjoy an erotic photo shoot Kim for the magazine "Playboy". Читать полностью -->

Kylie Minogue will take part in the musical

Kylie Minogue will take part in the musicalSinger Kylie Minogue took part in the production of an updated version of the Broadway musical "Rent" on the libretto, the music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson.In the play, which premiered in the near future to be held in London's West end, the main role is played by TV star Denise van Autun.Herself Kylie on stage will not appear, but during the show you will hear her voice in the recordings of telephone conversations. It is expected that Minogue, whose partner William Baker was made Director of the musical, will appear on his premiere on Monday, October 15 at the Duke of York theatre, BBC reports.A press-the Secretary of theatre Evan Thompson noted that for the play the voice of Kylie changed and that it would be difficult to learn. "That Kylie Minogue took part in the musical, there is great merit to William Baker. Remarkably, when involved in the company such person as she is. We are very pleased that she agreed to participate.". . Читать полностью -->

The villain Freddy Krueger returns to the big screen

The villain Freddy Krueger returns to the big screenThe film company New Line Cinema negotiates with Platinum Dunes, specializing in the production of horror films, about the beginning of the continuation of the cult picture "a Nightmare on elm street" that brought fame to this little Studio, reports Reuters.The first film was shot by Director Wes Craven in 1984. The extraordinary success of the film gave the opportunity to create a huge number of sequels and make the main character Freddy Krueger, played by Robert Englund, one of the most famous villains in cinema history.The basis of the "Nightmare on elm street" was formed by the story of a serial killer of children Freddy Krueger, whose angry parents burned alive. However, the villain with a burnt face and a glove with blades returned to terrorize Teens in their dreams.Work on the script of the film will begin after the end of the strike, the Guild of American writers (WGA). Producers - Michael Bay, brad fuller and Andrew Form intend to devote part of the picture (as is often the case with remakes) history of events and life Kruger.We will remind, in 2003, they released a bloody horror film for teenagers "Freddy vs. Jason". Robert Englund habitually played the role of Freddy Krueger ("a Nightmare on elm street"), coming in dreams to teenagers, while canadian stuntman Ken Kirzinger embodied on the screen the image of a maniac Jason Voorhees from the famous Thriller "Friday the 13th".Company Platinum Dunes is currently filming a remake of another classic horror film for the Studio New Line - "Friday the 13th", directed by Marcus will perform Nispel. Читать полностью -->

Kirkorov was kidnapped for a few hours

Kirkorov was kidnapped for a few hoursYesterday's visit of Philip Kirkorov in Minsk was a surprise not only for Belarus but also for Philip himself. The singer learned of the trip only the night before.He got a call from the assistants to the President of Belarus Lukashenko and reported that Alyaksandr Lukashenka personally invites him for a few hours in Minsk. At a private audience and shooting a feature film. What is the secret. The singer has already sent a private plane Lukashenko. Intrigued by this detective story, Kirkorov has accepted the invitation, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda".In Minsk, the singer was greeted like royalty. Читать полностью -->

Top most beautiful star dresses 2007

Top most beautiful star dresses 2007People magazine made a rating of the most memorable outfits of celebrities. It is, but on the red carpet of Hollywood meet is "dress for success".We bring you the 10 most outstanding and stylish dresses, which appeared at social events 2007 star beauties (materials FashionTime).1. Jennifer Lopez, Versace AtelierJ. Lo loves to go out in tight-fitting toilets. One of those was gold plated long dress with sweetheart neckline and long train, created specifically for the film premiere of "El Cantante" her friend Donatella Versace. Pregnancy has forced the star to change your favourite bodycon dresses and go for more loose, which, however, did not diminish her sexuality.2. Читать полностью -->

Mischa Barton was caught with a `Spliff` at the wheel

Mischa Barton was caught with a `Spliff` at the wheel Another Hollywood prisoner became more: actress Mischa Barton "got busted for driving under the influence of drugs. Misha broke multiple rules and forgot to turn on the turn signal - and that attracted the attention of the police.When Misha stopped, it turned out that she has rights and is not present! "Miss Barton was driving without the appropriate documents and was in a state of alcoholic intoxication, informs the police report. "Miss Barton was arrested and escorted to the police station where she was issued without incident".It happened around 3 a.m., and at 10 am Misha has already released on bail of 10 thousand dollars. Swollen and sloppy, half-hidden under a scarf.Just before the actress decided to leave the rehabilitation center where she was treated for alcohol addiction, saying her family that she is absolutely healthy and doesn't need the help of experts.Although in recent years Hollywood actress often drank to unconsciousness, her friends say. One of the sources told the following: "it is Unknown what is most passionate about Misha. One day she sits on the alcohol, second to marijuana. Читать полностью -->

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