Morning moments of female celebrities

Morning moments of female celebrities Moderately intimate and quite bold. Photographer Veronique vial (Veronique Vial) filmed a series of morning moments of female celebrities.Some of Hollywood divas even makeup to impose not become, having decided not to be ashamed of their morning puffy eyes and not to see in breast pouches silicone prostheses. However, the photo turned out, frankly, is ideological. Source: Morning moments of female celebrities (photos). . . Читать полностью -->

Pamela Anderson gets in on the cocaine party

Pamela Anderson gets in on the cocaine party The other day the eternal spasatelnitsa Malibu lit and partying at LAX nightclub in Las Vegas at a party in the company of illusionist Chris angel, porn star jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, the star of mixed martial arts Tito Ortiz.Evil tongues say that Chris and Pamela could well be a good couple, so they both indiscriminate in the choice of the company.And although the plans of the star to leave show business in the next five years - Pamela not deny yourself the pleasure to act on questionable parties. So this time the paparazzi caught pam in the midst of a cocaine fun. Drugged beauty helped angel to show his tricks.Currently Anderson is busy on the show of a magician Hans Klok in Vegas. But on December 8 the view is closed. However, the beauty of pam couldn't care less. She plans to return home to Canada and settle down with Rick Salomon. Читать полностью -->

Dmitry Pevtsov bared his `flabby` torso

Dmitry Pevtsov bared his `flabby` torsoDmitry Pevtsov has arranged a Striptease during the concert. Famous actor unashamedly sang bawdy songs and bared his long, muscular torso.Arriving at the performance in one of the largest Moscow rock clubs from your closest friends, the popular actor Dmitry Pevtsov fun for all. In all likelihood, only in the absence of his wife Olga Drozdova Dima completely liberates and allows himself to have fun and even arrange a Striptease on stage for the girls that he likes.WifeAfter celebrity walked in the way of brutal macho, he began to undress. Tearing off his shirt, Singers bared its not attractive torso and began to seduce girls that meanders like grace, danced to his songs.As found "Z", Olga Drozdova at the concert my husband was not, since she, by his own admission, such events just cannot stand.Olga refused to come, - has shared with "Z" the concert organizers. She doesn't like to watch performances by Dima and essentially never present at them.Apparently, the absence of spouses and relaxing atmosphere in the company of friends allowed Pevtsova fully liberated during the performance of their rock songs.- So nice, that there were only those people who really need to be here, surprised Dima shared with his friend the leader of the band "Kartuz".PerformanceBy the way, for his speech Dima prepared with great responsibility. To match the rock-the guests of the evening, Dima even picked out a special outfit from jeans and a shirt worn outside. Читать полностью -->

Leontiev invented Christmas sex adventure

Leontiev invented Christmas sex adventureSinger Valery Leontiev, as you know, all the family prefers to spend his holidays with his wife Lucy. However, despite the approximate character of a family man even Valery Yakovlevich brewing in my head plans for escaping from lawful half.But the New year actor is willing to share such intimate secrets. For all who want an original way to spend the holidays Leontiev gives his recipe."To arrange for yourself in the New year an unforgettable sexual adventure, head very clearly," says the singer in an interview with "Moskovsky Komsomolets". - First of December 31, you have the decorum to sit at the table, diligently to eat salad and kissing loved ones. But unlike other not to drink. First, as everyone knew, who, where and with whom she was, and to clean up the vinaigrette with yourself, you begin to realize your deepest sexual dreams.For this re lull the vigilance of all those wives, husbands (children must be pre-attached to the nurses), and while they drink the brine in half with something stronger, you quietly disappear. Читать полностью -->

Even the fire did not prevent hospitality Pugacheva

Even the fire did not prevent hospitality PugachevaIn the house, where Alla Borisovna, lit up the basement, and the firemen demanded to declare an emergency evacuation of all residents. However, Pugachev flatly refused to leave their apartment on the fifth floor. The diva that day was a VIP guest.GuestWhile Maxim Galkin have solved their problems for upcoming concerts in the Kremlin, in the Filippovsky lane was raided by Philip Kirkorov. As it became known "Your DAY", the ex-singer's husband came to visit her for the specific purpose of wanted to consult about their solo concerts in Moscow and show new costumes.- Remove everything from the trunk. - busily bustled Kirkorov near "Lexus".Later Philip, relish hex about creativity with ex-wife, whom he still trusts in all things, made her unexpected offer.- My new apartment was completed the next stage of repair, and I would like to ask your opinion, timidly looking at Dolly parton, said the singer.Recall that a year ago Kirkorov bought in the same house in imitation lane two-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor. Alla Borisovna has agreed to go to Philip to visit.AnxietyWhile Kirkorov showed their possession diva, his cell phone received a call from a personal driver, was on duty at the entrance.- Then from the first floor, smoke belching, " blurted into the phone, excited driver. Читать полностью -->

Navka leaves the ice show

Navka leaves the ice show"Ice age" may be left without, perhaps, the most striking pair of project - Tatiana grooves and Ville Haapasalo. Finnish actor serious knee problems, and the doctors insisted on an early surgical intervention.At the beginning of the project Villa seriously injured a foot. The actor fell awkwardly in training on the right knee. The next morning the leg is swollen and caused Haapasalo unbearable suffering. The doctor to whom he turned for help, said that the damaged articular bag. Moreover, he began to accumulate excess fluid and knee inflated to epic proportions. Читать полностью -->

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