Johansson gave the boyfriend a piece of her jaw

Johansson gave the boyfriend a piece of her jawScarlett Johansson gave her boyfriend, canadian actor Ryan Reynolds, birthday own wisdom tooth, reports Now Magazine.The other day I Reynolds, who starred in "Trump aces", was my birthday and on this occasion at the hotel Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles Scarlett threw the party, which gave Ryan an unusual gift."She just had my wisdom teeth out, and she gave him one of them gold plated and the chain," said attending the event source. Say, generous Scarlett also paid Ryan a full massage session.However, the official representative of the actress did not confirm this. "Scarlett was out of town for my birthday Ryan, but she handed him a gift in private. More no one was there," - said the spokesman.22-year-old Johansson and 31-year-old Reynolds began Dating in the spring of this year, once in February, Ryan broke up with his girlfriend, canadian singer Alanis Moriset. Source: Johansson gave the boyfriend a piece of her jaw. . Читать полностью -->

Drunk Iglesias and Kournikova have fun on the square

Drunk Iglesias and Kournikova have fun on the square Located in Moscow after the concert in "Olympic" the singer Enrique Iglesias and his girlfriend, tennis player Anna Kournikova has played with the snow on the red square, the newspaper "Your day".After the concert in Kiev Iglesias accompanied Kournikova returned to Moscow to work out a performance at a corporate party one of the major banks, where Kournikova was not present.After the event, the way the singer was in one of the trendy restaurants, where he was met by Anna. At the table sat and longtime girlfriend Kournikova - tennis player Anastasia Myskina, as well as another dozen people - friends and clients of events in Moscow.First, the company ordered sushi with eel, salmon, red caviar and prawns. Then followed the meat is cooked in various ways: steaks, braised Mexican beef, veal escalopes, pork in the marinade. Meat Enrique asked for a glass of white wine.Lighting up a cigarette after eating, the couple decided to amuse guests. Iglesias began to conjure. Covering your hand with a napkin, the singer put inside a coin, conjured a bit, removed it and it disappeared. Читать полностью -->

Volochkova has arranged a Striptease on the table

Volochkova has arranged a Striptease on the table The party on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of Anastasia ended with erotic dancing and involuntary Striptease, arranged by the birthday girl. Chaste ballerina danced so sexy that her husband Igor Vdovin had to hold on to his wife.In the midst of fun in ballerina slid treacherously white corset, and guests were able to see bared Breasts Nastia.At your birthday party "Ice age" gathered his closest friends and relatives. On this occasion, from St. Petersburg arrived and the native father of the birthday girl Yuri Fedorovich, who entertained guests by playing the accordion. Has to attend birthday mom and two year old daughter Anastasia and Igor Ariadne, but not for long. By nightfall, when the degree of fun increased with each passing minute, the girl decided to send home with the nanny.All guests were welcomed by the heroine of the occasion. Читать полностью -->

Richard Cheney restored heart function

Richard Cheney restored heart functionVice President Richard Cheney returned Monday night home after a successful in-hospital medical procedure to restore normal rhythm of the heart.This is stated in the statement of the press service of the Vice-President of the United States released by the White house. The procedure was unplanned: a clinical survey was carried out in connection with discovered he re cardiac arrhythmias."To restore normal rhythm of the upper chambers of the heart was used an electrical impulse. The procedure went smoothly and without complications," the document says."The Vice President has returned home and will be back in the White house to its normal schedule on Wednesday," reported the press service.Cheney, 64, has suffered four heart attacks, the first of which happened in 1978 and the last in 2000, reports RIA "Novosti".In July of this year, Vice President underwent surgery to replace the pacemaker battery. The device was implanted Cheney in June 2001 due to the fact that the Vice President was worried about the arrhythmia. Since 2001, Cheney lives with implanted in his chest cardiac electrical difibrilyatorom.Recall that cardiac arrhythmia at Chaney was discovered quite by accident. On Monday, he visited the doctor with complaints of prolonged cough due to colds. Читать полностью -->

The bride Sikharulidze gave him a scene of jealousy

The bride Sikharulidze gave him a scene of jealousyOne of the most enviable grooms of "Ice age" Anton Sikharulidze paid for his hot temperament. The bride skater Nadia could not stand his Affairs with other women in the show and threw a fit.About it writes "Your day".His birthday (skater turned 31) it was noted at the rink in the company of Anastasia Volochkova. The ballerina had long been sought by mutual sympathy from Anton, but the athlete to her female stuff is treated with coolness.One evening Volochkova came to training straight from the Kremlin. That day Nastia was the premiere of the ballet "Le Corsaire", therefore, prima came to the rink with a light cognac scent. Caring ballerina took with Banquet expensive whiskey and brandy wanted to offer Zhulin and Sikharulidze. The latter, seeing the way she lays on the ice whiskey, snorted: "No, I don't! Today I drink not in the mood". Читать полностью -->

The screen actors Guild USA boycotting the Golden globe award

The screen actors Guild USA boycotting the Golden globe awardThe screen actors Guild USA promised that not a single actor that has been nominated for the award, or invited as a lead, not coming to the award ceremony.The screen actors Guild USA on Friday January 4 announced its intention to boycott the award ceremony "Golden globe".According to the Chairman of the Guild, Alan Rosenberg, in the boycott will be attended by all the nominees and actors, invited as presenters. They all took the unanimous decision to support the striking writers, reports Lenta.Ru.Recall that the writers Guild of the USA went on strike on 5 November 2007. The Guild requires producers Alliance of cinema and TV films increase royalties to authors of scenarios that should be spelled out in a new three-year contract writers and film studios.Prolonged writers strike led to the termination of the display of many popular television shows in American television, as well as to stop working on some movies.The awards ceremony "Golden globe" to be held on 13 January 2008.The awards ceremony "Golden globe" to be held on 13 January 2008. Source: screen actors Guild USA boycotting the Golden globe award. . . Читать полностью -->

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