Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms

Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms On the night of 1 November in the Old and New light, is traditionally celebrated mysterious Halloween. How and in what outfits Hollywood stars meet him, according to ABC News.Costume charity party at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, organized by Kate Hudson, attracted many stars. Proceeds from the traditional carnival funds will go to the Foundation for children with AIDS.Famous socialite Paris Hilton wore outfits girls, the heroine of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". On 27 October she was wearing a super-short skirt and white stockings with garters. However, later Hilton changed the way Alice on the form of a sailor, because he went to another party. However, suit the conqueror of the seas was no less sexy.Adrian Grenier looked clearly more modest and resembled himself in a TV series Comedy HBO "entourage". Читать полностью -->

Zemfira has canceled concerts across the country

Zemfira has canceled concerts across the countryFans of the singer Zemfira in shock. Rock diva cancels concerts across the country. But where it stands, does not get tired to make trouble.From the list of her tour have already been removed Khabarovsk, Perm, Belgorod, moved Voronezh... In such cases you can actually talk about the failure of the concert tour and consequently, failure of the new hype around the album Zemfira "Thank you." Was unsuccessful and the sale of the album via the mobile connection: the pirates much more successfully implement "his" album Sami, adding back a couple of past hits. Among the reasons for the massive failure called Zemfira the poor state of her health, despite claims to the contrary of the culprits of the scandal. Source: Zemfira canceled concerts across the country. Читать полностью -->

The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitches

The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitchesThe world Boxing champion in the Middleweight (up to 72.6 kg) Kelly Pavlik suffered multiple lacerations of both hands when repairing a window in his kitchen. The athlete has left 108 stitches, but the damage does not threaten his career.Manager Pavlik Cameron Dunkin said that the ligaments and blood vessels of the hands of a boxer not hurt, reports the American television channel ESPN.According to dancina, the sutures are removed after two or three weeks, and in early December, Pavlik will be able to start training. Manager boxer said that the world champion wanted to replace the old glass in the kitchen, although Dunkin believes that the athlete would be easier to buy a new home.American Kelly Pavlik is the world champion at Middleweight by the WBC (world Boxing Council) and WBO (world Boxing organization). Both of these titles he took from his compatriot Jermain Taylor in their recent fight on September 29.16 February 2008, the boxers will have a rematch, but it will take place outside the framework of a particular weight class, so Pavlik will in any case retain their titles. Weight athletes should not exceed 75.3 kg. Source: world Boxing Champion put the 108 stitches. Читать полностью -->

Villainous plans Zhanna Friske sexy

Villainous plans Zhanna Friske sexyIt has become a tradition before the New year to reveal the main secrets of Christmas TV shows. Here and now, when before the holiday is 10 days, the audience can learn almost everything about new year telemen.So, on the First channel will appear sexy villainess Zhanna Friske. Together with a colleague villain Dmitry Nagiyev heroine Jeanne will try to disrupt the festivities.The plans of the negative characters included the kidnapping of a famous Italian film Director, played Garik Kharlamov. However, the fate of the unfortunate Italian nobody isn't going to throw. To help him come to Artem Mikhalkov, Sergey Lazarev and Edgar Zapashny.All this will be accompanied by music from the music of Alla Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, Kristina Orbakaite and other stars of the national stage.Here for the spectator too will be a few interesting surprises: Sofia Rotaru will perform a song about the deer in the well is quite peculiar to the singer of the format, and Maxim Galkin can say about the smash-hit group "Silver".On the channel "Russia" will be a lot of interesting things, but the most important event, perhaps, will be the musical film "the Kingdom of crooked mirrors". This year's project involves all of the brightest stars show business. Читать полностью -->

Valeria spent the evening together with Jean-Paul Gaultier

Valeria spent the evening together with Jean-Paul GaultierAccording to the newspaper "Your day", after the singer at the personal invitation couturier visited the show of new collection of his haute couture fashion houses in France, the Maestro took the celebrity and her husband and producer Joseph Prigozhin for dinner.Because Gauthier is one of the favorite designers Valeria, and she prefers to wear only his brand, a celebrity with great pleasure spent the evening with him. The designer received a gift from Joseph's extensive binder of the press with photos of the singer in the things of his best collections. Source: Valeria spent the evening together with Jean-Paul Gaultier. . . . Читать полностью -->

Liverpool became the European capital of culture 2008

Liverpool became the European capital of culture 2008In Liverpool on Friday evening held a solemn event dedicated to the announcement of this city the cultural capital of Europe 2008, reports Sky News.The main event of the celebrations included a gala concert in St George's Hall, which opened one of the participants of the famous "fab four" - Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart from Eurythmics. Another member of the Beatles - Paul McCartney will give a special concert in Liverpool in June 2008. Starr played the song "Liverpool 08", included in his new album, which will go on sale in mid-January.Starr and Stewart will also participate in the other major event to join Liverpool in the status of cultural capital of Europe, concert at Echo Arena, scheduled for Saturday evening, to see which are expected to come not less than 10.5 thousand people.Only during 2008 in Liverpool will host about 350 concerts and exhibitions, which, as I hope the local authorities will draw to Liverpool at least 1.7 million tourists from around the world that will bring to the city's coffers more than 50 million pounds.Liverpool won the competition for the title of European capital of culture in 2003. The choice of the city, becoming a year the cultural center of Europe, occurs in several stages. What country will be the next cultural capital of Europe it is known in advance - members of the EU are hosting this event in order to a specific queue. The host country needs for the five years prior to the event to provide a list of candidate cities for the consideration of the special Commission. Читать полностью -->

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