General family budget Pugacheva and Galkin

General family budget Pugacheva and GalkinIn recent years, Alla Pugacheva was called the most influential and richest woman in the Russian show business.For example, Forbes magazine claimed that the condition of the singer approaching $100 million.Analysts of this esteemed publication believe that Alla Pugacheva has earned this year about four million dollars.And her longtime favorite Maxim Galkin over the same period funded your wallet worth more modest 2.9 million "green".However, as we found out, its state Alla recently got pretty wasted. And Galkin has long been "feathered" and earns significantly more mentor. In a dance coterie to have formed the opinion that Galkin lives by Pugacheva. Supposedly, Donna helps her favorite and helpful tips, and Finance. But it was not so.We already wrote about that a year ago, Maxim moved to an apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation alley. A couple who claimed that between them only a strong friendship, now don't hide their close relationship.- I am 60 and he was 30 - and nothing! - talking about your Alliance with the parodist singer.As the star Duo have barely parted, Maxim and Alla are now common family budget. And, most interestingly, the main supporter of this Union is the Maxim. Earnings parodist and presenter now significantly higher than revenues of Alla Pugacheva. It's no secret that corporate gig Galkina is now worth 100 thousand dollars. But Alla Borisovna agree to sing for "chewing" of the public and for 30 thousand bucks. Also for the record one TV program of Maxim, according to rumors, gets 30 thousand "green". Moreover, the results of this year Galkin and became one of the most successful touring. His fees for summer "ches" - about three million dollars, and up the lion's share in the budget Galkin and Pugacheva. After Philip Kirkorov Maxim rests on the second place ranking of the highest paid entertainers.Alla lost in the casino all his fortuneThe financial crisis Divas is directly connected with the campaigns of the star casino. According to rumors, this year, Alla Borisovna has left on a green baize over 1 million dollars. And today income Pugacheva almost equal to its consumption.Alla goes to one-armed bandits how to work, every evening."KP" already wrote that the casino "Shangri-La" Prima contract. The singer is the face of the club and therefore is not in their blood. That is, if Alla is playing, which happens often, the club returns to the singer's money. And the payoff she takes home.However, recently the singer prefers to bypass the "free" casino party - she likes fair play. Puts Pugachev big. In one sitting can leave the casino as much as 300 thousand "green". When the money runs out, Diva vyzvanivaet Galkina, who immediately comes with the right amount. It has become a ritual at couple - instead of diamonds Maxim gives his beloved chips and sponsorship of the game. He too was fascinated by the machines, but, losing once during the evening, Maxim simply watches as the singer is fighting with the one-armed bandits. It happened that the stars spend in the casino all night and their limousines stand at the entrance until six in the morning.Apartments and cars sold under the hammerDue to losses in the casino Pugachev now can no longer contain his numerous real estate and fleet. She gradually got rid of a few apartments in Miami and sells donated by fans limousines with a hammer, preferring to leave the light on an old Mercedes. Now in the underground garage of the singer are just her favorite cars: Golden Mercedes-Pullman", red Audi TT convertible Audi 30-ies and luxury "rolls-Royce".Available to Alla Borisovna is not much real estate:abroad: apartment in Zurich - more than $1.5 million,in the capital: the country house in Istria - 8 million dollars, of land in Moscow region - about 4 million dollars;apartment on Tverskaya -$ 2 million;apartment in imitation alley - 5 000 000 dollars. Source: General family budget Pugacheva and Galkin.

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