In the California fires burned fabergГ© eggs

In the California fires burned fabergГ© eggsAmong California residents whose homes have been damaged or are under threat, many Hollywood stars. The territory from the city of San Diego, located near the border with Mexico, to Los Angeles is also on fire.One of the buildings that burned down in Malibu, became famous structure of the Castle Kashan - stylized medieval castle Villa with towers and arched Windows, reports owner of the burnt castle was Lilly Lawrence is the daughter of a former Minister of petroleum industry of Iran. "Princess Lilly" as he called Lawrence in Hollywood the secular parties, going to sell my gorgeous home for $ 17 million. With him burned a collection of paintings, fabergГ© eggs, a collection of personal belongings of Elvis Presley and other valuables that belonged to Lilly Lawrence.Wednesday, October 24, Lawrence suddenly appeared at the ruins of the manor in his Bathrobe, Slippers and sunglasses, to personally see what was left of her home. Hollywood beauty Lilly is known for her charity work. Speaking to reporters, she stressed that more than the loss of his own castle, she is worried about the fate of U.S. soldiers in Iraq right now.Castle Kashan stood on a hill which overlooked the beautiful Malibu lagoon. Ocean views and the hospitality of Lilly made this estate a popular meeting place for the Hollywood elite.October 23 from Malibu were forced to evacuate the famous actress Courteney Cox and Jennifer aniston, the female lead roles in the TV series "Friends". Left their homes and owners of a network of popular restaurants like Hard Rock Cafe" producer Peter Morton ("lock, stock and two Smoking barrels", "Star dust"), who founded the Hard Rock Cafe in 1971, and his son, restaurateur Harry Morton, ex-boyfriend Hollywood troublemakers Lindsay Lohan. The famous actor Mel Gibson has also been evacuated because of the danger that threatens his home in Malibu.Left Malibu's famous producer and music industry impresario David Geffen, who organized the largest record company, Geffen Records, producing albums such famous artists as Elton John, cher, don Henley, Joni Mitchell, Neil young, Peter Gabriel, Guns N ' Roses and Aerosmith. David Geffen has also founded a subsidiary company label DGC Records, which contributed to the "promotion" of alternative rock, the pillars of which were Nirvana, The Nymphs and Sonic Youth.In Malibu burned down the famous Playground built especially for the offspring of Hollywood stars and the rich. Still on fire and is so popular with celebrities 43-km long seaside promenade, where the stars like to relax with their families.Among the affected localities in California and a small lake town of lake arrowhead. There is an international centre of figure skating, where for many years he trained and worked with such prominent skaters like Irina Rodnina, 9-time US champion and 5-time world champion Michelle Kwan, Andrew Gryazev and famous coach Tatiana Tarasova.Especially suffered from the fire of the sixth largest city in the U.S. San Diego. Here scorched 40 thousand hectares of land. Exploding gas pipes, faulty plumbing. The population of San Diego and its suburbs were warned in advance of impending natural disaster.San Diego - a popular place of recreation for Americans and especially Hollywood celebrities living in and around the city. There are a huge aquarium and a water Park Sea World, one of the largest zoos in the world, the largest in America, the city culture Park Balboa Park and many other places of entertainment. Now on the official website of the city constantly publishes information about how the fire fighting and recommendations for evacuation and how to behave during disasters.In the coastal zone, on fire, live famous singer Barbra Streisand, actor Richard Gere, pierce Brosnan, Whoopi Goldberg, Christian Slater and many others. Apparently, their families have to leave their homes. Source: California fires burned fabergГ© eggs.

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