The son of Natalia Durova afraid to inherit millions of mothers

The son of Natalia Durova afraid to inherit millions of mothersThe only heir to a million Natalia Durova, her son Michael Bolduman, ready to give bequeathed to him by his mother treasures her uncle. Michael is sure that his family is unhappy with the last will of the great actress and will probably try to take his property.That multi-million dollar fortune mother got him, Michael found out shortly after her death. First reaction was the heir to sell the value to get rid of any reminders of my mother. "Your DAY" already wrote about the conflict of Michael with his mother: he was never able to forgive that on the first place in her life was not a child, and work.25 years ago Bolduman left home and stopped communication with my family. Despite this, the mother made a will in favour of her only son.InheritanceGreat trainer left his son the sum of six zeros on the personal account, chic two-bedroom apartment on Tverskaya and heirlooms, among which a special place is a unique set with blue diamonds. However, Michael refused maternal generosity just defiantly, as many years ago gave up the famous name. Friends of the family have already discussed that Bolduman looking for a buyer for jewelry, however, immediately after the funeral, the circumstances forced him to change the decision.FamilyMichael said "Your DAY" that he was going to transfer all inherited the property in addition to apartments, the brother of Natalia Durova Yuri.According to him, this act is just an attempt to avoid attacks by the Durov dynasty."I know that uncle George - honest man, I do not mind to give all that stuff to him," admitted Michael. - Certainly, I believe that the family is However not able to hire a hit man to take my life, but anything can happen. I know that some relatives of my mother is not averse to warm their hands on it.Now Bolduman going for a while to go to Germany, and the fate of the inheritance Durova interested him little."Misha told me about his decision," said Yuri Durov. - I don't know yet, what are you gonna do with the money, but unique things, furniture, Antiques and personal treasures Natalia Yurievna we are going to exhibit in her Museum or a private office. Source: Son of Natalia Durova afraid to inherit millions of mothers.

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