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First sexual experience famous men In Hollywood released a new exciting book "Where do nudists keep their handkerchiefs?" author Mitchell Simons.We will be talking in particular about when famous men have lost their innocence... it Turns out that many of them were terribly young when you first sexual experience.So, Hollywood sure Clint Eastwood, who this year celebrates 78 years old, and claims that he parted with innocence while visiting a neighbor at the age of 14.At the same age, according to the book of Simons, lost my virginity and actor David Duchovny.And a favorite of women and the ex-husband of demi Moore, Bruce Willis...He said that it happened when he worked as a messenger at the Holiday Inn...And his first girlfriend was a beautiful girl from the Laundry of the hotel.And sir Sean Connery lost virginity at 8 years old, really can not remember who...However, this is still not a record.Legendary comedian Richard prior, now deceased, by his own admission, seduced seven year old girl, when Richard himself was... five years ! Subsequently, he was married seven times to five different women... Probably these figures are for the comedian fatal.Actor river Phoenix tormented by depression and a drug problem... And all because he hinted in an interview that as a child they are "sexually abused"... His parents belonged to a religious cult "Children of God", and he had to enter into a sexual relationship in a shocking early age in 4 years!And one of the sexiest actors of our time, Matthew McConaughey, who "unleashed" at the age of 15 years, seem to be just innocent babies and belated virgins ! Source: First sexual experience famous men (photo).

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