Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms

Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms On the night of 1 November in the Old and New light, is traditionally celebrated mysterious Halloween. How and in what outfits Hollywood stars meet him, according to ABC News.Costume charity party at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, organized by Kate Hudson, attracted many stars. Proceeds from the traditional carnival funds will go to the Foundation for children with AIDS.Famous socialite Paris Hilton wore outfits girls, the heroine of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". On 27 October she was wearing a super-short skirt and white stockings with garters. However, later Hilton changed the way Alice on the form of a sailor, because he went to another party. However, suit the conqueror of the seas was no less sexy.Adrian Grenier looked clearly more modest and resembled himself in a TV series Comedy HBO "entourage". The actor went public in brilliant blue tights of Superman. However, the upper part of his costume was a ragged jacket zipper.It is difficult to say at what stage are the relations Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Last seen in Rome in early October, and then they gently caressed each other. Apparently, the couple decided to continue in the same spirit: while in Los Angeles on the face Reese was the mask, and the head was decorated with a blonde wig, but the actress was unable to hide a smile, sitting in the car beside her boyfriend.24-year-old Nicky Hilton decided to keep up with the sisters and also attended the Halloween party. She was dressed in a short green dress and reminded seductive girl scout. Her boyfriend, David Katzenberg, immodestly dressed up as a skeleton.But Merilina Manson didn't even have to wear anything extra. He was in his usual attire looked quite outrageous. On the contrary, his 19-year-old fiancee Evan Rachel wood had the procedure to work hard to "ruin" your adorable image and match the extravagant to the horror of the Manson. Previously, wood admitted that she likes how Manson leads the eye. Maybe she decided to look the same.Singer Avril Lavigne appeared on the party dress, as if sewn from a racing flag in black and white squares. While on her head she had a blonde wig, and on his feet - enormous shoes, "Dr. Martin" with high tops. Although racing these shoes will not name, the boots looked good with dress because white was diluted black stars.Star of TV series "Desperate Housewives" Teri Hatcher has done everything to be like a fairy Queen. For this purpose, the actress wore a magnificent dress, a black wig with a crown, and carefully painted her lips red. Hatcher was accompanied by 9-year-old daughter Emerson rose tenney, the best decoration which was her shy smile.Jamie Lee Curtis decided to appear in risque costume in the style of erotic gay movie "Under the big top". She wore bright red bodycon dress, complemented with a tailcoat, top hat and boots in the same style. Actress Andrea Bowen, known for her role as Julie Mayer in Desperate Housewives, appeared in a blue sequined leotard and white tights.19-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and demi Moore Rumer looked quite modest, although its combination of corset and pantyhose suit and bared shoulders.At the collection site for future participants of the carnival, marked by piles of pumpkins, which are a symbol of Halloween, the paparazzi photographed British singer Strength of Henry and Samuel model Heidi Klum. Photo made on 13 October, when the couple chose a pumpkin for a festive fun.Lisa Rinne in anticipation of Halloween wearing a pointy wizard's hat with the color of the Cheetah. On 16 October she frolicked with a child on one of the makeshift pumpkin bazaars.Actress Calista Flockhart also made pumpkin Bazaar along with her six-year-old adopted son Liam, whom she holds by the hand. Hardest had the head of the family: Harrison Ford, who came to the Bazaar together with Flockhart, on the way back was pulling a trailer loaded with pumpkins.The former is the children's favorite actor Corey Feldman also went for the pumpkins along with her son Zen. On the face of a boy dressed in a fat suit Winnie the Pooh was a look of indecision, which is not typical of the fabulous bear.The Djimon Honshu and Kimora Lee Simmons came to the Bazaar Halloween with the children Simmons, Ming and Aoki. In public, the pair have not appeared since may.Tori spelling and her husband Dean McDermott went for the pumpkin later, on 21st October. They recently renovated the hostel Chateau La Rue was threatened by a serious danger due to the recent fires in southern California.Oscar winner Mira Sorvino and her husband Christopher Backus decided to seriously bought all the pumpkins on the eve of the holiday. Judging by the photos, their children, Mattea angel and johnny Christopher king somewhat puzzled by the appetites of the parents.Recall that on Halloween, children and adults wear fabulous costumes and going door to door begging for sweets. In the Windows of houses at this time put a hollow gourd with carved in her eyes and mouth, and inside of a pumpkin, put a candle, which is designed to deter spirits. Source: Halloween has captured celebrities in your arms (photo).

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