Zemfira has canceled concerts across the country

Zemfira has canceled concerts across the countryFans of the singer Zemfira in shock. Rock diva cancels concerts across the country. But where it stands, does not get tired to make trouble.From the list of her tour have already been removed Khabarovsk, Perm, Belgorod, moved Voronezh... In such cases you can actually talk about the failure of the concert tour and consequently, failure of the new hype around the album Zemfira "Thank you." Was unsuccessful and the sale of the album via the mobile connection: the pirates much more successfully implement "his" album Sami, adding back a couple of past hits. Among the reasons for the massive failure called Zemfira the poor state of her health, despite claims to the contrary of the culprits of the scandal. Source: Zemfira canceled concerts across the country.

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