The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitches

The world Boxing champion put the 108 stitchesThe world Boxing champion in the Middleweight (up to 72.6 kg) Kelly Pavlik suffered multiple lacerations of both hands when repairing a window in his kitchen. The athlete has left 108 stitches, but the damage does not threaten his career.Manager Pavlik Cameron Dunkin said that the ligaments and blood vessels of the hands of a boxer not hurt, reports the American television channel ESPN.According to dancina, the sutures are removed after two or three weeks, and in early December, Pavlik will be able to start training. Manager boxer said that the world champion wanted to replace the old glass in the kitchen, although Dunkin believes that the athlete would be easier to buy a new home.American Kelly Pavlik is the world champion at Middleweight by the WBC (world Boxing Council) and WBO (world Boxing organization). Both of these titles he took from his compatriot Jermain Taylor in their recent fight on September 29.16 February 2008, the boxers will have a rematch, but it will take place outside the framework of a particular weight class, so Pavlik will in any case retain their titles. Weight athletes should not exceed 75.3 kg. Source: world Boxing Champion put the 108 stitches.

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