Pugachev kicked Galkin for disobedience

Pugachev kicked Galkin for disobedienceAlla Borisovna and her favorite Maxim Galkin is seriously at odds due to the fact that the humorist disobeyed diva, informs "Your day".The singer categorically forbade her favorite to go to the casino and received an unexpected rebuff. "I'm a grown man! allegedly lost his temper Galkin. - And you can then decide where I stand!" In the end, the comedian even took some of my things from the apartment Alla Borisovna in imitation lane to yourself, in Cheremushki.Alla Borisovna, which personally is "hoisted" favorite gambling, she is not happy to those consequences which resulted from gambling. Maxim spent in the casino all your free time and due to the lack of Finance threw the repair of a new apartment and country house.Galkin moved to live in the house on the Arbat to Alla Pugacheva back in June of this year. Then the comedian moved into the house of the singer all her clothes, books and even a computer. Since then he has visited in the parental apartment in New Cheryomushki no more than once a month, only to pick up a stage wardrobe.Recently after a concert in the Kremlin, dedicated to the Day of police, upon learning that Galkin intends to go to sit for half an hour in the casino", Pugachev exploded: "I Know these are your "half an hour"! Five hours sit. And lose as always. Go home".Maxim obeyed, but the next day, having gone on business, he found himself in his favorite casino on Pushkin square. And Pugachev called Galkin at precisely the moment when he pulled the handle of the slot machine. Alla Borisovna with unconcealed irritation demanded that he immediately went to her. "I'm a grown man," was the reply. - And you can then decide where I stand". Source: Pugachev kicked Galkin for disobedience.

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