Famous model publicly insulted Kandelaki

Famous model publicly insulted KandelakiTina Kandelaki is a very confident woman. It's no secret that the presenter considers itself to be almost an icon of beauty and style. However, there are those who are willing in this to Tina not to agree.So, pretentious social event Tina on stage asked one of the known models: "It is true that photoshop is very good?" Hall was delighted, but the model did not panic and responded with a sneer, write "Arguments and facts"."Looking at you, Tina, I really do know what photoshop is good," the girl said.However, Tina Kandelaki to public ridicule and offensive remarks in his long career as a TV presenter and socialite accustomed. Especially a lot of negativity on Kandelaki collapsed after the notorious scandal involving tycoon Suleiman Kerimov. Recall, he crashed his Ferrari Enzo in nice, and his companion, if you believe the rumors, was Tina."So that I could be so scandalous did? - perplexed Kandelaki. - If your neighbor on long walks a man, then it is not a scandal - it's OK! But if this neighbor was known, it would be very scandalous and shameful. Someone from journalists has a ring to it to the landing and overheard that they are there with her friend say. But your neighbor is watching! Because the personal life of ordinary women of interest only to her loved ones, and my personal life is of interest to all. No one will write: "What happiness! Here's the 20th anniversary they celebrated together! How did they, God forgive me, happy!" People from work in the evening come back, open the newspaper and say, "you Bastards! Everything is bad, them, look, all is well." People indeed will unite rather not happiness, but a General problem. But the difference is that the problems of ordinary citizens call problems, and the problems of famous people - scandals". Source: Famous model publicly insulted Kandelaki.

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