Leontiev traded wife cute blond

Leontiev traded wife cute blondFamous singer for ten years has not parted with composer Vladimir Evserver.At all events backstage Valery Leontiev modestly accompanies low cute blond.Not everyone knows that this talented composer Vladimir Iserov, for Valery wrote more than three dozen hits, including music masterpieces "If you leave...", "Everybody wants to love", "my Berry".A close friendship, Valery and Vladimir lasts for nearly ten years. Figures show business know how important it is for the singer to find a composer who feels every bit of its soul. In tandem Leontiev-Iserov creative fusion seems to have taken place.Valery is a very warm-hearted man, - admitted "EG" Vladimir. - When I celebrated the 50th anniversary, Valery, despite his huge workload, gave me the whole evening... I could just walk to his cottage in the suburban Valentinovka, taking with him my beloved "daughter" - the Italian Greyhound Lisa.Many times, flying in the USA, Leont'ev called me out to a Villa in Miami. And, you know, the flights and everything else at his expense. But I don't like this Miami! But the Russian cities we often go with Valery. When his concerts, for example, in Tver, Ivanovo or Peter, I will gladly accompany him. In speeches, he almost forcibly pulls me on stage and introduces the audience as their favorite composer. In this new year's holiday will be held on the 10th anniversary of our Union with Leontiev. We will celebrate this event in a warm atmosphere. Source: Leontief traded wife cute blond.

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