The star of the series `Staying alive` had sex with Jolie

The star of the series `Staying alive` had sex with Jolie Breakthrough Elizabeth Mitchell in the movie began with a lesbian Duo with Angelina Jolie. The actress, who plays Juliet on "lost" and the current wife of brad pitt ten years ago played lovers in the television movie "Gia".And though once to tape a barrage of criticism, the candid scene featuring these two Actresses have recognized the best in all of cinema history!After that, Elizabeth was filmed mostly in soap operas, including the famous "first aid". However, she tried to continue to avoid explicit scenes.Actress, heroine (Juliet) is increasingly coming to the forefront in the TV series "lost", grew up in Dallas. Her parents had possessed his small law firm. Future temptress Jolie grew up in a female environment - Elizabeth has two younger sisters... Source: star of the TV series "lost" had sex with Jolie (photos).

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