Yuri Yakovlev urgently hospitalized

Yuri Yakovlev urgently hospitalizedThe famous actor Yuri Yakovlev brought heart a few days ago, mother had to urgently call the car "first aid" to help the artist.Medics took 79-year-old Yuri in the Central clinical hospital. The clinic artist immediately sent to office therapy, where he lay more than once, there he was assigned a survey, writes "Komsomolskaya Pravda"."The situation was serious. Problems Yuri Vasilyevich was not only with the heart, aggravated and other related diseases. Now, however, his health was stabilized. In a normal condition. As soon as it became better, Yakovlev immediately home naprosilsya, he does not like to stay in hospital. But to let him go too early. First you need the full course of treatment to spend," doctors say.To cheer Yuri and brighten up his hospital stay, the actor every day visit friends and relatives.Two years ago, Yakovlev was hospitalized with another disappointing diagnosis: pneumonia. In the clinic 77-year-old darling of the public delivered the ambulance with a high temperature. To establish the cause of sickness was quickly. The doctors revealed an acute right-sided pneumonia of the lower lobe of the lung. Yuri Yakovlev was placed in a separate chamber of the pulmonology Department.Surprisingly, ironically, the disease always overpowers the artist at the end of the year. Two years ago, he lay in the hospital before the Christmas holidays. Source: Yuri Yakovlev urgently hospitalized.

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