Khamatova and Kostomarov appeared together at a party

Khamatova and Kostomarov appeared together at a partyFamous actress appeared at the ceremony of awarding the prize to one of the glossy magazines under a pen with a partner on the show "Ice age" is a figure skater Roman Kostomarov.Apparently, they lack the many hours of training and they decided to spend a free evening.Once in the lobby, SC "Luzhniki", Chulpan novel and greeted friends and went backstage, where he locked himself in the dressing room. There were only a couple shortly before the official part of the event.About the close relations between the participants of the popular show to speak while it is premature, but what Khamatova and Kostomarov sympathetic to each other, no doubt. Even those who are present at training sessions, notice how the actress flirts with a figure skater. That, actually, and she continued to do the ceremony, but not for the people, and behind the scenes.Roman is a great guy and we get along great, " explained the actress.Another unexpected pair formed the ceremony. Ivan Urgant came to a social event in the company of former colleagues at MTV Olga Shelest. They sat all night next, then, provoking conversations, together left the ceremony.SobchakTireless She coped with its task - to attract to the person's maximum attention. It was her first appearance in public after his visit to America, and become one of the main characters of the evening, she managed the full. Hiding the truth about the true purpose of the visit to Los Angeles (we were told that there she adjusted the nose), "blonde in chocolate" misled everyone interested.One she is with a completely serious expression on his face told me that she had adenoids removed, another "openly" admitted that doing surgery on other parts of the body. However, idle secular gossips remained unconvinced.- Nose and she still cheated on, - were whispered at the tables.Anna Semenovich, failing to recover from pneumonia, hastened celebrated at the event. However, what is the purpose of ex-soloist of "Brilliant" was in "Luzhniki", she revealed.- Where to me a gift? - Anya fumbled the organizers.But they answered not rude, but firmly, that her gift is not provided. Source: Khamatova and Kostomarov appeared together at a party.

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