Girlfriend Prince Harry bared their charms

Girlfriend Prince Harry bared their charmsThe girlfriend of British Prince Harry Chelsea Davy luxuriated under the hot South African sun in a white bikini, reports The News Of The World.Said that Chelsea gave up studies in British Leeds because of the cold and rain. However, it is now known that the girl will come back because Harry convinced her to give their relationship another chance.While in Leeds the temperature barely exceeded zero, 22-year-old Chelsea two hours sunbathing on the balcony of his luxurious family mansion in Durban. At the same place they kissed Harry three years ago, when their relationship began."Chelsea was not cosmetic, but still she looked beautiful. She obviously wanted to sunbathe before returning to Britain," says an informed source. "Harry has promised to continue relates to their novel seriously, so she decided to go back to Leeds," added he.As you know, in October, Chelsea threw Harry over his constant partying. However, two weeks ago, they made up. Source: Girlfriend of Prince Harry bared their charms.

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Now that Lily-Rose has turned 18, she has decided to push her boundaries by appearing topless for the new edition of CR magazine. After a handful of complaints from affronted viewers, the media regular is considering the most appropriate course of action.

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