The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapse

The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapseOlga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov always been one of the most visible couples reality show "Dom-2". And now, after a few years relations Union beautiful blondes from St. Petersburg and lively guy from Taganrog on the verge of collapse.Cooling between the lovers began in August last year. Then the novel gone with the telestroyki indefinitely due to family circumstances. Earlier this year the guy was going to reunite with Buzova in the "House-2", but I think I changed my mind.According to Olga, the separation had a negative impact on their feelings. Roma even refused to meet with his beloved New year, and on vacation in Thailand the girl had to go with my sister.They say the Novel has a girl outside the project, so he sees no more sense to return to the "House-2". Buzova in the absence of the beloved is also not signed up to the nuns. The blonde beauty appeared admirer by the name of Alexander Matarazzo.A guy came on TV construction site not so long ago, but already managed to make some steps in conquering the hearts Buzova. The other day she even went with a new friend on a romantic date. By his own admission Olga, Alexander Nevsky her interesting."He gave me a huge bunch of red roses," says Buzova. - We talked, he invited me to slow dance. I am pleased that he takes care of me, he writes me a very beautiful message. He wrote to me: "You're exactly the reason why I'm here." It's nice of any girl, especially when you feel that you are useless, and there is a man who pays you at least a little attention.".

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