Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audience

Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audienceGala concert-show "Ice age" held in St. Petersburg, surprised spectators. Ice suddenly appeared a bearded Alla Pugacheva on skates.Diva portrayed Mikhail Galustyan, but this time his crown room "Alla Pugacheva", which enjoyed great popularity among the audience, was even more funny.In the TV version the Galustyan shaved off my mustache and chin slipped Foundation, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". But now mustache and beard had grown out, so Galustyan took to the ice in the form of a bearded Pugacheva. However, the similarity with Pugacheva left, and the audience of such a spectacle, was excited.Upon entering the dressing room after the performance, happy Galustyan told colleagues: "get Away from me, mediocrity!".

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