Girlfriend Prince Harry bared their charms

Girlfriend Prince Harry bared their charmsThe girlfriend of British Prince Harry Chelsea Davy luxuriated under the hot South African sun in a white bikini, reports The News Of The World.Said that Chelsea gave up studies in British Leeds because of the cold and rain. However, it is now known that the girl will come back because Harry convinced her to give their relationship another chance.While in Leeds the temperature barely exceeded zero, 22-year-old Chelsea two hours sunbathing on the balcony of his luxurious family mansion in Durban. At the same place they kissed Harry three years ago, when their relationship began."Chelsea was not cosmetic, but still she looked beautiful. She obviously wanted to sunbathe before returning to Britain," says an informed source. "Harry has promised to continue relates to their novel seriously, so she decided to go back to Leeds," added he.As you know, in October, Chelsea threw Harry over his constant partying. However, two weeks ago, they made up. Читать полностью -->

Orbakaite offended, having been invited to dinner

Orbakaite offended, having been invited to dinnerThe singer was so upset, having received an invitation from a rich suitor with a proposal to do dinner at the restaurant "Paris".Immediately after the concert in Rostov Christine has sent an invitation on behalf of one of local businessmen. Rich fan suggested the singer to dine with him. Fluently read the text Orbakaite was furious, the newspaper "Your day".- Do I look like a call girl? "said Christina. Who? wants to spend the evening with me. Say, dinner is already ordered and paid. I'm supposed to jump for joy? It's just the audacity!Immediately after the concert she went to the hotel and asked her to bring in the dinner room.Cristina never tasted one of my signature dishes - lamenting the chef of the restaurant Dmitry Budargin. Читать полностью -->

The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapse

The Union of the Novel Tretyakova and Olga Buzova on the verge of collapseOlga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov always been one of the most visible couples reality show "Dom-2". And now, after a few years relations Union beautiful blondes from St. Petersburg and lively guy from Taganrog on the verge of collapse.Cooling between the lovers began in August last year. Then the novel gone with the telestroyki indefinitely due to family circumstances. Earlier this year the guy was going to reunite with Buzova in the "House-2", but I think I changed my mind.According to Olga, the separation had a negative impact on their feelings. Roma even refused to meet with his beloved New year, and on vacation in Thailand the girl had to go with my sister.They say the Novel has a girl outside the project, so he sees no more sense to return to the "House-2". Читать полностью -->

Died in USA jazz singer Teresa brewer

Died in USA jazz singer Teresa brewerFamous jazz singer Teresa brewer, who led the American charts in the 1950s, with a hit Till I Waltz Again with You " and performed with such legendary performers as Duke Ellington and count Basie, died Wednesday at the age of 76.Brewer died at his home in upstate new York from neuromuscular disease, reports AP.The height of his musical and film career brewer came in the 50-ies, however, her public life she successfully combined with family, raised and brought up four daughters. 10 years later, she again appeared on the scene, performing with such jazz stars as Duke Ellington, dizzy Gillepsie and Wynton Marsalis.The repertoire brewer had more than 40 songs, which topped the American charts. Among them Dancin` with Someone, Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall, Ricochet and Let Me Go Lover. Over the decades of his career, the singer has performed on television with the musician and entertainer Mel Torme, singing with Tony Bennett, and led several television programs, including "the ed Sullivan Show".Teresa brewer was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1931. On first listening to the mother brought Theresa, when she was only two years. The girl appeared on the radio show Uncle August's Kiddie Show. Читать полностью -->

Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audience

Beard Pugachev skating shocked the audienceGala concert-show "Ice age" held in St. Petersburg, surprised spectators. Ice suddenly appeared a bearded Alla Pugacheva on skates.Diva portrayed Mikhail Galustyan, but this time his crown room "Alla Pugacheva", which enjoyed great popularity among the audience, was even more funny.In the TV version the Galustyan shaved off my mustache and chin slipped Foundation, writes "KP-Sankt-Peterburg". But now mustache and beard had grown out, so Galustyan took to the ice in the form of a bearded Pugacheva. However, the similarity with Pugacheva left, and the audience of such a spectacle, was excited.Upon entering the dressing room after the performance, happy Galustyan told colleagues: "get Away from me, mediocrity!". . Читать полностью -->

Fin pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husband

Fin pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husbandThe ice show rehearsals almost embarrassed Tatiana Navka. Skater summed weak band at training pants. During the execution of one of the elements partner Ville haapsalo too strongly pulled her by the trousers, and sweatpants are literally slid from my hips Tatiana.At the last second Navka still managed to keep on my pants, but the black lace panties were exposed.Tanya is first and foremost a professional. It was more concerned that the Villa is not how you should perform a number, and not the fact that he made a mini-Striptease on the ice. "Well me and you got shot." - indignant skater after Villa incorrectly unwound her legs and fragile Navka struggled to hit his shoulder on the ice. Source: Finn pulled off with skill sets pants in front of husband. Читать полностью -->

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